#fridayfootprints – Friday 5th March 2021

Filaments that stand tall as their last remaining embers lie in the path of the Spirit’s wind. They wait for His breath to be funnelled towards them that they may glow anew and burst into flame.

With anxious patience they await His whispers that will bring newfound seeds to be strewn by the Gardener’s hand.

One glance at the miracles of His creation in nature leave us awestruck by what He is capable of.

Come Holy Spirit, come, Blow Holy Wind, blow!

Let me be renewed in the wilderness of your whispers.

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#fridayfootprints – Friday 26th February 2021

A walk in any garden brings us closer to Him.

Is there a colour or shape, hue or form that does not show us in intimate detail, the miracle of creation that surrounds us?

That His Hand, His Will and His Grace are there for us to see, is surely the root of our Faith.

Through this, in its simplest form we are drawn deeper and deeper until we experience His Peace. A Peace which surpasses all understanding is the peace that He gives to us.

Delve deep into the core of His creation and be overwhelmed by His Peace!

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#fridayfootprints – Friday 19th February 2021

When we raise our arms in worship, we open the portal to our innermost being for the Holy Spirit to enter – the cathedral of our soul.

And when He enters, we feel His warming glow refresh our Faith. Such is the power of His presence deep within us.

Without our arms raised upward our core remains closed to His whispers and our wilderness becomes a dry and desolate place un-pollinated by His Word.

Raise up and rise. Praise and worship are food for the soul and are best achieved with head and heart and arms pointing to Him.

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#fridayfootprints – Friday 12th February 2021

The sunbirds of our garden know their “sweet stuff” and they have a good idea as to who supplies it.

Do we know what our “sweet stuff” is?

Sometimes when something is taken away, we get to discover what we really miss.

The church has been like that. Take away the church and suddenly people were lost. Not because they could not get the sermon, or sing or pray, but simply because they could not get fellowship. The missing element was the close contact with like-minded Christians coming together in fellowship with God.

This was our wilderness: our temptation so to speak. Our challenge or rather the challenge laid out before us. How do we get His whispers heard?

Our sweet stuff is in His whispers, but more that this, it was in whispers intimately shared in fellowship with souls of similar spiritual need.

The challenge facing all of us is to share His wealth of whispers with those we meet in the wilderness that we find ourselves in, to the best of our ability in the midst of the protocols of Covid-19.

Where two or three are gathered in His name is the sweet stuff – savour its nourishing force.

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#fridayfootprints – Friday 5th February 2021

Creation has a way of showing us just how simple life can be when we take the time to enjoy the bursts of life that explode around us.

Like a New Year’s fireworks display we gaze in awe and wonder at the magnificence around us. And indeed the ‘Fireball’ welcomes in another year. A year where we can listen to His whispers in the wilderness and draw comfort from the bounty of His endless Grace.

A year that without even noticing; one month has already passed.

And it is then that we see the need to be drawn to a simpler relationship with Him.

Just as the Fireball Lily explodes into our world, so does the Holy Spirit long to explode into our lives with such force that we are lit up like a Catherine wheel sending our sparks into the world.

Imagine if we saw people bursting with the same passion as the flowers onto the landscape of humanity?

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#fridayfootprints – Friday 29th January 2021

Never was the cup so sweet!

Communion with Christ in nature. A celebration of a sacred relationship between sinner and Saviour. A celebration of His love for us.

In nature, the whispers of the wilderness are visible to reinforce this bond. The sights and sounds of His symphony are played out daily if we only take the time to notice it.

Whilst the Covid-19 pandemic has robbed us of so much – it has given us much more in return.

It has given us time to reflect on the world around us. A world of our own making. It has given us time to see, hear and feel that we need to take stock of where we stand in our relationship with Him and our relationship with the people around us. It has taken us on a sightseeing tour of what the world really looks like. It has shown us that we need to take “self” out of the equation.

If we do, it is then that we finally come to see that His cup really is that sweet. And once we realise that we find ourselves sharing His delights with fellow congregants amongst His whispers in the wilderness. His church is in us and we are in His church!

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#fridayfootprints – Friday 22nd January 2021

If we sometimes find ourselves on the coldest waters of our baptism, we need to reach into the core of our being.

It is there, deep down, that the Holy Spirit ensures a warm glow rises to meet us.

A warmth that will sustain us in our times of need. A self-perpetuating heat that has no limits to its life sustaining existence.

In a world under enormous pressure, we need this glow to manifest itself in our lives so that we can spread the warmth to those around us.

Let the flame of the Holy Spirit burst forth to be the whisper in the wilderness to all in need.

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#fridayfootprints – Friday 15th January 2021

Search for the white that shows off the colours in your life.

If we did not have the white, we would not know the extent of the darkness that surrounds us. Without the light, there would not be shadows and highlights and low lights. Life would just be boringly dark and dreary.

Thanks to His light we can see the world for what it is. We can appreciate the colourful personalities that we come across and allow them to complete the colour palette of our worldly existence.

In the darkness, His whispers cannot not find us.

The wilderness is all but dark. It is filled with every colour and hue of His creation and this is where His whispers come into their own. Accented by the light and the colour on His canvas of our lives.

Find His white no matter how small it may appear, then seek out the light behind the white – even on the darkest of days – He will overcome!

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#fridayfootprints – Friday 8th January 2021

Finding ‘Peace’ in 2021!

The Peace which surpasses all understanding is a peace that stretches into eternity – if you find it!

An eternal and all-encompassing peace. A peace which breaks free from the restrictions of Covid lockdowns. A peace that is content to social distance and wear a mask. A peace that will let God be God without trying to dictate to Him. A peace that is beyond the realms of our understanding

A peace that is not consumed by power but rather imbued with miracles.

The miracle working power of a Living Christ.

Finding your peace for 2021 is a process of first finding ourselves. If we have a clear conception of who and what we are, then we know what we are giving up to God. Finding the peace is easy after that. We do not need to understand God, rather we need to understand what we are giving up to God. Not that finding the Trinity is easy. It was never meant to be. Finding Him is the process of giving up our egos and self-interests, once we know what they are. After that, the ‘Peace’ will find you!

May 2021 not only bring you peace, rather may it lead you to show the road to peace to others – they may need it more than you do!

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#fridayfootprints – Friday 1st January 2021

Who is it that whispers so quietly in the wilderness of my soul? Who is it that sends His roots into the core of my being?

Be still my soul, that I may listen closer still to what the whisperer says!

May 2021 be the year where you can still your soul until only His whispers filter through to your wilderness of His creation.

Listen to His whispers:

In the beat of a butterfly’s wings.

In the hum of the wind through a thistle’s seeds.

In the footsteps of the millipede as it walks across the moss.

Still my soul to hear these whispers.

2021 is a year to be so still that we hear every word of His and His vision for us! Whispers that are the silent, suffering cry of the wooden remains of Christ’s cross. Whispers of a “voice that cries in the wilderness,” through the masked plea of a people in need of fellowship. People who need to be bound in the ‘fellowship of a whisper’ – His whisper. So that we may grow roots together in the soil of His Word!

In the year ahead may His cross be at the core of your being as it is in His creation. May His Peace be with you through all the days that lie ahead. May His love permeate your life and may His Grace be enough for all that you seek.

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#fridayfootprints – Friday 25th December 2020

Wrapped in swaddling clothes!

Swaddling clothes were there to create the right environment to transition from womb to world. Safe, secure, snug, calm, cherished, and at peace with our surroundings.

2020 was all but this!

In our individual ways we search for our own swaddling clothes. The church, which in so many ways, has provided this security blanket, was put out of our reach and we were exposed to a harsh, cruel world. Driven by greed, power, prejudice and entitlement, without the church and the comfort of its fellowship, there was no escape from it.

All humanity’s societal ills seemed amplified.

Most of us, as adults, needed ‘swaddling clothes’. Something! Anything that would bring us to a place as safe and as secure as the womb of our birth.

Even in the womb – we can hear His whispers. They penetrate through all the layers. We just need to listen. And then like the comforting sounds of a mother’s heartbeat and the rush and pulse of fluids being pumped through her body – so will His whispers in this wilderness give us peace if we seek out the womb of His creation.

May you find your swaddling clothes on this day of celebration of His birth into our world. Wrap yourselves anew in the swaddling clothes of the Trinity in Praise and Prayer. Become the infant He expects us to be in our Faith and savour the droplets of your baptism into His Kingdom.

Blessings on this special Christmas Day to all who have connected with #fridayfootprints over the past year. May you continue to find comfort and inspiration in the coming year “when the wilderness whispers”.

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#fridayfootprints – Friday 18th December 2020

As we count off the final days of Advent, it has been a long nine months. For me it has been nine months of various stages of ‘lockdown’ and all the uncertainty that this has generated.

It has been almost nine months to find out that the new normal is not that different to the old normal, in that without an unwavering belief in all that the Trinity represents we will drown in the negativity that threatens to overwhelm us. And the new normal is much like the old normal in that I must rely on my personal relationship with God to get me through the day.

Above all, the new normal is the same as the old normal when I can spend time in His garden, admire His handiwork and learn from all the lessons He lays before me as I garden with Him. It is here that I can listen to His whispers in the wilderness. It is here that I can feel my chest swell with Praise and Prayer in concert with the birds and the frogs and the crickets. And it is here that I am humbled before the softest of touches as the breeze of His breath caresses my cheeks in the cathedral of His creation.

The final week of Advent is a time to complete the last preparations for a new birth in what He has promised to each of us. I count the days, then the hours and lastly the minutes in anticipation of a rebirth with Him and an entrance into a new cycle of our relationship.

Let your excitement build, savour it. Be blessed by the Holt Spirit as He waits patiently by your side!

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#fridayfootprints – Friday 11th December 2020

Advent – A season that promises so much. A pregnant promise!

The promise is seen today as it was then; surrounded by darkness yet lit from a source of unfathomable power and even so there are creatures waiting to suck the life blood from God’s creation.

As we look around us in nature and at the world at large, the searched for promise lies hidden in the wombs of our wilderness. It takes a whisper from above to reveal His hidden Glories all around us and a reminder that time cannot be hurried. All will be revealed in due course.

Our focus needs to be on Him and His promise. The call to wait the full term is whispered from on high and we would do well to heed His call.

Patience dear souls, the birth pains are coming, and then:- And then we should be prepared to exalt Him! Oh, how our arms ache to be raised in worship.

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#fridayfootprints – Friday 4th December 2020

Feel the eyes boring a hole between your shoulder blades! Ever felt it before?

Have you had the feeling where, not only the hairs on the back of your neck stand to attention, but also the hairs on your arms and that pin prick of pain in the centre of your spine that you just can’t explain.

Sometimes the feeling is a figment of our imagination, and then there are the times when the feeling is real and the intruder is an innocent garden visitor waiting for you to vacate his favourite feeding spot.

Yet, how many times that we attribute these feelings to the mind playing tricks on us, is it really the Trinity watching over us more intensely than normal. Times when our thoughts dwell on the “what if’s” and “if when’s”. In other words, times when our mind seeks deeper meaning than it can find in our daily thoughts. Times when we our mind is distracted from our heart! A time when we seek more from our surroundings and situations than is immediately apparent and when we need ‘Divine Attention’ even though we do not actively seek it out.

It is then that we get the chance to feel His eyes, stronger than His whisper, and He sees us in the nakedness of our desperation. And when we turn to see who is watching us, we should surely recognise Him from the stillness that engulfs us and our soul swells in praise to meet His Triunal presence – pregnant with the Holy Spirit.

May you feel His eyes when you are distracted from Him in the week ahead. Feel Him as He seeks you out. Then embrace Him, and whisper back in acknowledgment of His visit. May His Grace be with you.

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#fridayfootprints – Friday 27th November 2020

It has been a long, long year!

So many people have and are struggling to cope with ‘lockdowns’, lay-offs, hardships in many shapes and forms and the impact of various levels of fellowship starvation!

So yes, the blues have taken hold of the general human psyche.

We see the blue without noticing the scattered specks of white. We focus on the blue and not on the white. We focus on ourselves and not on the Trinity. It is the Trinity in its triunal form that gives us the specks of white to concentrate on.

Perhaps this has been the message all along. Spend more time with Me! Study Me. Listen to Me. Praise Me. Worship Me. Let Me inside you.

Just one speck of white. One snowflake on a sea of blue, one floret of His creation and the world will start to feel like a better place. Once we find that fellowship with Him, the white will grow until its whisper surges through our being until there is no space left for the blue in our wilderness.

As we prepare to enter Advent, so we are presented with His symphony, of colour, sounds, shapes and textures as the fulfilment of creation. We prepare for His promise of a Light to the world, a light so white that the tiniest speck is enough to dispel any darkness within us.

Find the white and let its light brighten your darkest days in the week ahead.  A light to still each soul and bring peace!

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#fridayfootprints – Friday 20th November 2020

(part two)

Following on from last week’s ‘Aloe, it’s me’, just had to be ‘Aloe from the other side.’

Focused, zoom(ed) in, like so many have been doing for the bulk of 2020,  Surely, we should come to realise that the Trinity is entirely focused on each of us, individually!

Is it so impossible to think that God could, in fact, be calling us?

In the chorus of the Adele’s hit song that I mentioned last week, are the follow-up lines: “Hello, from the other side. I must’ve called a thousand times.”

Whilst we spend so much time trying to compete with what we perceive to be a barrage of prayer requests to God; we spend hardly any time at all in listening …. Or, just picking up the phone when it rings.

Isn’t that what He is really expecting of us? He is calling us ‘a thousand times’ we just have to answer the phone, so to speak, and listen.

To spend time quiet and alone with God allows us to feel His focus on us. To feel as He zooms in to the inner core of our being. And when we feel this, we know that He speaks not only to our heart, but to our head and our naked soul. The gap for this long-distance call disappears and we feel His presence as we absorb His nature.

And as we absorb His nature, we are one with the whisper in the wilderness.

In the week ahead, do not wait for the phone to ring, just pick it up and listen. Still your mind and listen. God will do the rest! Enjoy Him!

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#fridayfootprints – Friday 13th November 2020

Sometimes it is a desperate shout. At others, a resigned mumble, a plea to be recognised amidst the fear that God’s attention is being directed at others more deserving than ourselves. That the problems which consume the very nature of our own humanity are insignificant compared to those that God directs His attention.

“Aloe, it’s me. I was wondering if after all these years you’d like to meet.” (to borrow from the Adele hit of 2015.) Is a heartfelt cry!

Aloe, it’s me! The battle to be seen in the crowd. When we think that we know best and try to beseech God to adhere to our wants and wishes. We seek to identify with a concept that says our needs are more important than His.

We exist entirely as His creation. And therein lies the conundrum. The battle that has been fought for centuries in an effort to find some price that we can pay as a guarantee for our existence even when we know that it is just not possible. Something that will allow us to break from the shackles of total reliance on Him!

Yet, at the same time our cry of “Aloe it’s me” drowns out the very whispers from the wilderness that we rely on for instruction.

The price was His to pay and has been paid. In Full!

Whether we gather to pray in groups or in isolation, the prayers should be centred on Him. It is our wilderness and His whisper. May your prayer, praise and worship focus entirely on Him in the week ahead as you seek His guidance.

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#fridayfootprints – Friday 6th November 2020

No matter how hard we try, most of us remain but a pale reflection of the person we believe ourselves to be. Let alone what God expects us to be!

As Christians, a part of the Worship and Glory we offer up as a token of our love for the Lord, is to strive to become a better reflection of Him on earth. The process of dying to self and giving ourselves over to Him is a sacrifice we should be only too eager to place on the altar of His Grace.

Nature, as a reflection of His perfection, when seen through the naked eye is beauty personified. As in all relationships of engagement, we get a far better picture by searching for the real thing than only looking at a pale reflection.

As disciples, our terms of engagement in a world satisfied with reflections, is to offer a clear view of God. We are bound to be the best reflection of His love that we can be, the best mirror of Faith, and Hope.

As we search for His whispers in the wilderness we strive to become perfect echoes of His whispers and not the result of the second, third or fourth bounce of the sound waves where all detail of the message is lost.

A whisper is best heard – up close and personal. May you fine tune your hearing in the week ahead and pass on the message of His Grace to all those within hearing distance and discover the detail of His reflection in all those we meet along the way.

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#fridayfootprints – Friday 30th October 2020

Perhaps there is a reason God whispers in His wilderness?

One of the most striking things about a whisper is that you must slow down to hear it. And not just slow down, you need to come to a virtual stop.

God is not trying to compete with the world by attempting to shout it down; He whispers. And when we finally become aware that He is saying something, the whisper almost gets softer so that we need to concentrate harder to hear it.

Journey through His wilderness. His garden of Creation, and we realise that so many of tare quiet whispers. The rustles, the chirps, the soft flutters. It is only when we become still that we identify the frog’s croak as loud, and the cricket’s song as deafening. Such is the power of His whisper.

Listening to His whisper is about taking time out to build a relationship with the Trinity. When we live our life at full throttle we tend to miss out on the full spectrum of The Father, The Son and The Holy Spirit. We relinquish the full power hoping that a few stolen moments with God will be enough to see us through to the end.

It is only when we grasp the absolute power of His whisper in the stillness of His Grace that we realise our Triune Godhead offers so much more than we could ever have imagined when we slow down. A ‘slow’ Christianity awaits us as we find the time to spend in an intimate relationship with Them!

May you find peace in His whisper as you walk in His wilderness with a stillness in your very being.

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#fridayfootprints – Friday 23rd October 2020

As with all things in life, keeping everything in focus can sometimes be difficult.

Our focus on the Trinity often changes to fit particular circumstances that arise, and we tend to compartmentalize the tasks we lay before them.

Is it possible that because our focus changes, day-to-day and in each situation, as we interact with the Trinity, that when we focus our attention on Sunday, the rest of the week dims into the background? And has the week that has just past already faded into the oblivion? For some the focus is only Sunday and the institution of the church. Covid-19 has shown us this.  Keeping His Triunal  presence in focus across the full spectrum of our mission on earth is often beyond our human endeavour.

As soon as the institution (church) went out of focus, so many people around the world could not reset their camera to focus on anything else and remained zoomed on something that was no longer there.

Perhaps we need to be set on manual, so we can immediately adjust the ring to see what is visible before us, or perhaps what has been hiding just a bit deeper in the background.  How we deal with a ‘new normal’ depends on how easily (and quickly) we can change focus.

If we listen to His whispers in the wilderness, there are bound to be lessons there for us to focus on. Positive, miraculous and awe-inspiring challenges!

I pray that the days in the week ahead are filled with our focus on the Trinity in equal measure so that through each of us, He will see the fruits of His Will being done on earth. Blessings!

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#fridayfootprints – Friday 16th October 2020

A weed is just a plant growing where we don’t want it to grow!

Sometimes in our deep human wisdom we decide what we think gardens (and people) should look like. We pluck out the plants that do not fit into our master plan and call them weeds. We never, as conscientious gardeners, allow them to flower let alone seed.

And we tend to treat our fellow humans in the same way. As Christians we expect others to conform to our pattern.

In God’s garden there are no weeds. There is a time and a place for every plant (and animal) All are part of His master plan, not ours. God is happy to see the weeds flower because they bring colour and vibrance to His creation. And soon enough the ‘weeds’ will have prepared a way for other plants to succeed them as His ecological genius is allowed to come to fruition.

If the church is to do the same and allow the so-called weeds to bear flowers bringing Him Glory and Honour and Praise, perhaps it would spur the ‘normal plants’ to put in a bit more effort into their own discipleship.

And sometimes the weeds are the only flowers around!

As we face a new normal, perhaps it is time to realise that Christ died for all of us and all our sins. There are no limits to this – all the world – all the sin. Sometimes we just have to recognise that God knows better than us when He whispers in the wilderness to go in search of weeds.

In our prayers let us remember that the weeds can blossom in His garden, and in ours and thank Him for reminding us of His commission.

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#fridayfootprints – Friday 9th October 2020

How are our roads paved? Bright shiny tiles, cobbles, cement, tar, bricks, stone or perhaps something more obscure!  Sometimes it is not what our roads are paved with that matters. Newly laid, they all look the same – clean, neat – sterile. They have not lived yet.

Paved roads that have been around develop their own character. It is all the dirt and grime that collects in the crevasses and joints that form a base for something new to grow in this sterile environment. People are like that!

They can be bright and shiny and new, but it takes a little dirt and dust to provide a basis for character. It takes moisture and seed and light for something new to grow out from between the pavers.

To start becoming more like Christ we need to gather some of the dirt and dust from the road we travel. We need to feel it between our toes and in our hands, see it under our fingernails and sometimes wash it off when it gets to thick and smelly. But this is what makes us who we are to the world around us.

Many have fallen from grace when viewed through human eyes, but it was human eyes that only wanted to see the shiny new road. If we looked for what was growing out of the cracks, then we would start to see what the Trinity sees.

Yes, sometimes we have to clean up a little bit, but if we start to wash away the character completely’ then no growth is possible – we will be sterile and the whispers from the wilderness will find no place to call home.

Have a look today at what is growing out from the gaps and joints in your paved road.  May you find many blessings there!

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#fridayfootprints – Friday 2nd October 2020

We could almost call this a ‘Trinity’ flower. Not only from the three royal blue petals but in what the plant lives on: Air, water and light.

Air for the Holy Spirit, water for baptism and the light which emanates from God and shines into the soul of mankind. These basic elements come together and culminate in the most simple and beautiful air plant.

No fancy soils or fertilizers and no special care for these plants that flower under the harshest of environments (as we perceive it) yet they do flower … beautifully!

Have they perhaps learnt something – in that the Trinity can be enough? We can flower under the harshest conditions. In fact, when the going gets too easy we sometimes forget to flower whilst we enjoy the luxury of our surroundings. And sometimes it takes a bit of tough love to bring us back on track and covered with blossoms.

A whisper in the wilderness is delivered even when life seem so unfair. It will come as a soft breath wafting over the waters of our baptism and allowing the droplets of mist that form on our skin to reflect His light into the eternity of our loving relationship with Him.

May today be your Trinity day!

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#fridayfootprints – Friday 25th September 2020

I suppose all of us have a special time of day (or night) where we try to find peace within ourselves and a connection to the Trinity in a way that brings special meaning to the occasion.

For me it has always been the early morning. The earlier the better – even if it means having to go back to bed later!

There is something about the light and sounds at the start of a day that seems to reach deep inside me and give my soul a hug that squeezes all the bitter out and then with the release allows it to be refilled with love and joy and peace that is spine tingling in its intensity.

This encounter with the early morning ‘Son’ is His whisper through the wilderness to me. It is to hear creation waking to the dawn, unfazed by what it might bring. I ‘snapshot’ these times for when the clouds are hanging low, and He becomes obscured to my immediate vision, knowing that the picture He has created of His presence in my life will last until the ‘Son’ catches the light again.

Through His Grace, we feel His light!

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#fridayfootprints – Friday 18th September 2020

There are special moments in ours lives when we feel the presence of a power that is positively hair-raising. Knowing that this power is God is what lends us an aura that our hairs stand to attention and catches His light.

The difficulty for many of us, is the frequency with which we have these goose bump moments with Him, and our ability to show others the glow that His Grace and Love imparts to our lives.

A walk through the paths laid out in His creation gives us a chance to let our thoughts dwell on Him in silent awe. Yet through this silence, His halo shines a light on our very existence. Through service, we endeavour to reflect His beams into the lives of those around us, that they may walk with us in His wilderness and share in the ‘Angel Dust’ of His whispers that brush against our skin.

May the hairs on your body capture His light today and the days ahead and may the aura He has blessed you with be a beacon to the world.

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#fridayfootprints – Friday 11th September 2020

Lavender is for many cultures a balm for a variety of ailments, most notably for stress/tension relief and as a mood enhancer.

Even looking at the photograph eases my stress levels! You hardly notice the burnt-out trees on the horizon, evidence of a devastating fire!

Peace and tranquillity are where we look for it in time spent with God. The closer we get to His creation, the easier it is for the Trinity to find a way through the man-made barriers we erect without even knowing it. When we allow all our senses to be exposed, opened, so this helps the process in connecting with God.

So many people in the world live in areas where they are overwhelmed by the sights, sounds and smells of humanity, that their sensory overload, blocks any chance of them finding peace or a tiny corner of tranquillity. Somehow this is a luxury they may have to forego.

Others are blessed to live where God seems to wrap them in His personal cocoon of peace. And somewhere in between the rest move up and down the highs and lows of spiritual connectivity opportunities.

If we have ever been able to experience some form of connection with God, then we know the spiritual power that that has left in us and if we can have just one prayer left at the end of the day it should surely be for those who find it impossible to find His Peace in the hustle and bustle of the world today.

‘Lord for those who do not know your peace, let your wilderness whisper to them today.’

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#fridayfootprints – Friday 4th September 2020

There are good days and then there are God days.

For so many of us the God days are the days when we need emotional, physical or spiritual support and strengthening. These are the days that we turn to God for guidance. The days when we cry out to Him for help. The days that we are forced to acknowledge our dependence on the Trinity.

Yet God days should be the good days. The days that the birds are singing, and spring is in the air. God days should be the days we do not just depend on Him but instead, Praise Him for being just being God. Good days are the days when we can throw our arms in the air and shout Hallelujah and not be ashamed.

God days are the good days when we feel that warm fuzzy glow inside us and we know it has nothing to do with our teenage years but rather the little things in life that creep (or hop) into our very being.

God days are the good days when we can be nostalgic and at the same time excited about what the next day will bring, even the next hour.

And a good day becomes a God day the minute we stop and listen as He whispers in the wilderness of our soul sends down roots to become firmly anchored to our innermost core of knowing Him. Then we are Blessed as His creatures become part of the landscape of our existence.

May you be blessed with many God days!

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#fridayfootprints – Friday 28th August 2020

Some of you may remember ‘Pretty in Pink’, a cult film classic of the 80’s. One of the repeated verses of the hit song – “If you leave”, has the words ….

“ I touch you once I touch you twice
I won’t let go at any price
I need you now like I need you then
You always said we’d meet again someday.”

The song expresses the desperation we feel when we have lost something/someone precious.

For so many around the world, covid-19 elicited the same response as a reaction to a perceived loss or break in our relationship with the Trinity (or a break in the Trinity’s relationship with us).

But the beauty and mystery of creation still exists. What we see all around us every day shows that God is ever present. Our objective is to merge with Him. He awaits our invitation to Him!

A subtle shift in focus from inward to outward, from self to God is the trigger to initiating the process. No matter how self-contained we believe ourselves to be, nothing can compare to giving over of our lives to Him, so that the full power of the Trinity can begin its miracle work in us.

Then when the wilderness whispers, we become pretty in whatever colour He decides to clothe us in and we will never let go, at any price and nor will He!

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#fridayfootprints – Friday 21 August 2020

There are some days that are especially made for mystics.

Days when the ambience of light makes it so much easier to experience a deeper spiritual connection with God.

Days when we see the full colour spectrum of the Trinity and can re-live a rainbow covenant and a baptism in His light.

These are the days we live for, times when really knowing God makes absolute sense.

And these are the days when words cannot describe the power that rests in Him and light becomes His whisper of the wilderness!

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#fridayfootprints – Friday 14th Augustus 2020

The bracket fungus grows on dead trees. It forms part of the process of decomposing the wood so that it once again becomes part of the nutrient cycle that will feed new life.

A death to self!

The Spiritual event that coincides with this death and regeneration to a new life is a baptism in a relationship with the Trinity as one of boundless joy that cannot be expressed except through an exhilarating splash of the baptismal waters.

Everywhere we look in creation, we see God’s hand at work, teaching us through the things that we are surrounded by. This is His wilderness whispering! Our time of contemplative awareness of His presence in our lives, depends on us not only inviting Him in but also in opening our eyes and ears and touch to the essence of His being around us.

We do not just hear the wilderness whisper through our soul in praise and worship and prayer, we hear the whisper by being aware of His creation through sight, sound and touch.

Indeed, ‘Heaven is at hand …’ when we become aware that the wilderness can whisper.

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#fridayfoorprints – Friday 7th August 2020

The slightest breeze sets the Snowdrop bells ringing in the end of winter.

And, as they surround the garden font, the bells announce to the world, a garden baptised in the spirit of His creation.

The new normal as we are coming to know it, seems to have captured the attention of a whole new generation of gardeners and chefs. Lockdown has created a new perspective on our existence and what we do with our time. The ‘Stay Home’ syndrome has birthed by necessity an ‘out-of-the-box’ culture.

Does the same apply to our spirituality? Have the same restrictions on our movement inspired us to seek new avenues for a faith-based communion with God or have we descended into an apathetic numbness?

If we can hear the bells ringing in the breeze, if we can imagine the Fairies dancing under a winter sun as the Robins refresh their baptismal bath in the garden font; then we can fight the depression that grips the world when it cannot find God without being spoon-fed on a Sunday.

And when we can tap our feet and sway to the rhythm of the snowdrop orchestra as we hear it when the wilderness whispers, then we will know that God has found our soul no matter how deep we tried to hide it and He is busy conducting His symphonic masterpiece within us.

As Shakespeare said, ‘if music be the food of love, play on ..’ Play on indeed, Lord, that your love is heard and felt as the peel of your bells ring out across our nations.

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#fridayfootprints – Friday 31st July 2020

God’s creative genius gives us an insight into our own soul.

Time spent in nature is a journey where we can free our spirit to run where God wants us to run. We get a chance not just to read about His exploits, rather we can experience it first-hand.  We see the beauty and the desolation.

If we want more of God, nature is where we find it. If we want less of the world; His creation is our refuge. If we mourn, we find solace through the touch of His Sun and if we praise Him, we can raise His beautiful bounty to the Heavens. The whispers we seek in His wilderness are ever present when we allow ourselves to live in His world.

Knowing that all creation is His, is part of the journey of discovery He sends us on. It is not enough to read from all the libraries of wisdom that exist without taking a step outside. Once taken, we then allow Him to enter inside our own centre of existence. And that is where we find peace and understanding.

Look anew on His creation and marvel as we experience His miracle and what it means when we gaze upon it as He meant us to and then examine your soul in peaceful contemplation as we become bound to Him. Whisper Wilderness Whisper!

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#fridayfootprints – Friday 24th July 2020

One thing that Covid-19 has revealed is that leadership is in short supply.

Whilst humankind is crying out to be shown a pathway out of the morass, we find ourselves in, our leaders, have in general, proved themselves to be lost and empty. Like the bench they are seen out of context, and without a purpose.

In the vacuum that has been created, many have stepped into exploit the situation. Others who would not have been heard in the past are suddenly thrust into the limelight.

One of the most remarkable elements of the reaction to the leadership fog is the impact it has on the lawmakers, law keepers, and law breakers.

And in the midst of all this, I cannot help but , to dwell on the biblical journey out of Egypt, the law of the ten commandments and how difficult it was to get people, caught in a situation beyond their control to keep their faith and focus on God.

As I look around me today, we are still wandering in the desert.

We are still choosing which laws to keep and which to break at random. There is still no sense of focus on a path ahead and no ‘buy-in’ from the public which ends up being at odds with itself.

Modern leadership is not about establishing ‘Faith’ as Moses tried to do. It is about establishing and manipulating power. There are no ‘carved-in-stone’ rules to follow. And when they are not carved in stone, they become easier to ignore or to break or to change as we see fit. The consequences become political tools used to leverage power and wealth to the advantage of the elite.

If Moses struggled to make God’s voice heard as a whisper in the wilderness, carved in stone – then now is a time like no other when we have a responsibility to turn God’s whisper into a shout from the pulpits of Christianity around the world.

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#firdayfootprints – Friday 17th July 2020

When God looks through His window onto the waters of our baptism, He sees water where there is scarcely a ripple. He sees a mirror waiting to reflect Himself!

He has been trying to convince us of a fundamental truth – Where we see storms, He sees tranquillity. Where we see discord, anger and resentment, He sees peace, love, understanding and forgiveness.

Where we see empty churches, He sees an opportunity to fill the hearts of worshipers far beyond the building’s walls. Where we see dissent, He sees followers who will follow anybody, people who are leaders that have yet to learn to lead.

The waters of our baptism that we see as a turbulent whirlpool can only be calmed when we realise that our ego is the lens that we are looking through. Seen through God’s eyes, and lived through Christ’s sacrifice on the cross, and experienced through the presence of the Holy Spirit, together the Trinity give a completely different view of the waters of our baptism.

A whisper in the wilderness is too soft to disturb the surface of the water, so be prepared to be the mirror He expects us to be!

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#fridayfootprints – Friday 10th July

When A Judge does not play Judge, in a court he is not a Judge in – then he is driven up the Via Dolorosa of social media to be crucified.

In my country we have a Judge, in fact a Chief Justice, the pinnacle of our legal system, who dared to bare a Christian truth. “I don’t hate anybody” – the fact that this was coupled to a statement that he loved the Jews and the Palestinians, he loved all nations and that love was part of his Christian belief, not hate.

He dared, because the ‘Son’ shines upon him.

In his own court he applies the rule of law that he is must adhere to as part of our constitution. In God’s court he is not expected to be a ‘judge’ he is required to be a Christian – because the ‘Son’ shines upon him.

Perhaps if more of us were to stand up and hold to the same principle, in that we are not required to be judges. We are not required to hold people to any standard. We are not expecting people to share our same views. But whatever standard they have, whatever views they have, we should love them. We should show them that the ‘Son’ can shine upon them. In fact, by doing so, we show that the ‘Son’ shines upon us.

This does not make us some select group of people above everybody else, but it does make us warmer than those who sit in the shade. If the ‘Son’ has shed its light on us, it should have warmed our hearts to all those who cross our paths and that warmth should be a blanket of comfort to all in need.

If the ‘Son’ shines upon us, we have no court to preside over, rather we have a far weightier task; spreaders of love. We are not confined to a court, rather, we are bound to the foundation of God’s law; ‘Love your God and love your neighbour as yourself. Perhaps mankind has lost the ability to know themselves and without being able to know themselves cannot love themselves. And if they cannot love themselves, they cannot love their neighbour. What they do love is the image of what society tells them they should be. And society has become used to judging everything, to the extent that we have even started to judge ourselves.

If the ‘Son’ really shines upon us, we should welcome those key figures in society who are brave enough to stand up and we should stand by them because the ‘Son’ shines upon us and we have heard His Whispers in the Wilderness and His greatest commandments!

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#fridayfootprints – Friday 3rd July 2020

One day when the mankind takes stock of what has transpired over the last 100 or so years they will perhaps think back to the times they could have spent in quiet communion with God instead of gathering in hordes for whatever reason.

The hordes inevitably become a feeding frenzy!

It just depends what the people have gathered for as to what the feeding entails. Sometimes, it can be relatively innocent; a music festival, sport and dare I say it, church. The feeding is on excitement – the need to be entertained at all costs. Then again at the other end of the scale, the frenzy is about ‘protest’, social or moral indignation and even war and then the feeding is on the souls of man. In between lie a myriad of different forms of the need to satisfy the gnawing emptiness in the pit of our stomachs.

It has taken a ‘lockdown’ to show some of mankind that the real value in life is being in direct contact with someone, one-on-one. Sometimes this is with our Lord, but mostly it is with those near and dear. It is only in these instances of fellowship that we can built a deeper understanding of ourselves and those around us. It is only in contemplative connection with God and man that we build a better person and so doing a better society.

So yes, the frenzied feeding continues around the world, but deep in our hearts I’m sure much of what we see spread across the media is a result of a population who have not learnt how to make meaningful contact with God and caring contact with mankind. If we were to do this, not only would we be fulfilled and fully at peace with the world, the world, and God would be fully at peace with us!

“The peace of God which passes all understanding, …” is not in the gathered crowd. It lies waiting in a stranger, a loved one, the tired, the sick and the lonely. It resides in conversations of words spoken through a touch or a whisper in the wilderness.

“Go in Peace and serve the Lord.”

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#fridayfootprints – Friday 26th June 2020

Our new normal is a place totally unfamiliar to most us.

Like ballet dancers, or musicians, or performers of any ilk, the final product of what we produce on stage, is only a fraction of the time, effort and dedication that has gone into honing the art of what we do. And for most performers it is the ambiance of the stage and the audience that gives validity to their craft.

Take away this final step, and the performer is left negotiating a lonely existence that echoes in the halls of their consciousness.

Life under lockdown is like that for millions of people around the world. Our life’s work, ambition, drive, and formative thought have been conditioned to respond to an audience in our daily appearances on the stages that litter our reasons for being. Take this away and we are left floundering like fish out of water.

So great is the need for human interaction and affirmation, that we completely miss the chance to spend this ‘gifted’ alone time with the Trinity. We are so conditioned to human contact that we have sometimes lost the art of making contact with God. We are so busy shouting out our indignation to the world that we miss the chance to speak of the Holy Spirit to the crowd that has gathered.

We build our false indignation to the extent that it rages inside us threatening to destroy society as we know it. And we do this in the knowledge that it has been done before, to Christ, as we prepare to sacrifice Him again!

When the sound of a silent orchestra is so loud it drowns out the crashing, thundershower drumming of teardrops falling from Heaven as they see what we become when we crave a platform, any soapbox, that we will call our stage.

And when the wilderness whispers in an empty auditorium, who will hear Him? Who will care, that when we craved an audience – any audience will do! Whilst the audience that matters, that special moment just between God and man, will be left to gather up the feathers of the Holy Dove that lie plucked and scattered in the numbered seats.

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#fridayfootprints – Friday 19th June 2020

As the night deepens and sleep continues to evade me, I try to take my focus away from the sound of the frogs nightly chorus and then the sudden pauses of silence that I know are due to a stray predator stalking the garden paths.

As the frogs resume their ‘Opera of the Night’ my thoughts dwell on the pages of my existence in the world as it is and as it was. There are a few things that I have done right and there are many that are still left to be accomplished. I also have thoughts of family, both here and departed, and thoughts of friends; some dear, some estranged and some forgotten.

The common factor in this nightly dance of the sleepless, is love. A love for life and all that it has given, but above all, a love for a Father who has lightened my burden over all the years. I also cast my thoughts to my own father and know how much he must be enjoying time spent with his Saviour. I mourn him still, as I do others who have gone before, yet, there is joy in the knowledge that he has gone ‘Home’ to his love.

Love is a ‘Fellowship of Life’ that we celebrate throughout the spectrum of our emotions. Love is the Grace that we have been given and that we pass on to those we encounter along the way.

Love is a way of taking the leaves from His Book and throwing then to the wind. That they may be carried to the far corners of the earth and into the hearts of those we meet along the way.

I have two fathers, one biological and one spiritual and both are in Heaven. The one thing that binds them together and that binds me to my faith, is love.

‘Love Thy God’ – could it be simpler. Be love: That all may know that the leaves taken from His Book, filled with the inscriptions of His Word, have a place in a union that binds us completely to the source of all light!

Happy Father’s Day to both of you.

Scattered leaves are Whispers in the Wilderness blown through our lives by the Holy Spirit as a physical expression of his presence.

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#fridayfootprints – Friday 12th June 2020

People around the world are grappling with the concept of a new normal whilst at the same time yearning for many of the aspects of the old tried and tested recipes of their pre Covid-19 social existence.

Yet the new normal is not as new as we might think. The newness is the fact that it was forced upon us so abruptly. For many, a life that revolves around social media has for years slowly been ingrained into society.

After nearly three months of ‘lockdown’; the craving for closer contact with those near and dear.  The need for family, friends, intellectual sound boards and naturally, our Christian fellowship ring exceeds any other craving real or imagined.

This social network of real-life contacts has been torn apart. Conventional pathways to reach each other have been cut off and the tools to build new routes to reach the core of our relationships are unfamiliar and at times threatening to us.

Where does this leave us in our connection with the world and more importantly in our spiritual connection with the Trinity?

The silk thread that binds us together, the thread that weaves closed the holes created by humanity is exuded through His word. It is through our daily communion with Him that we can set about re-socialising our web of influence that we want in our lives.

Certainly, some things will be strange and new, but isn’t that what we have been promised, (2 Corinthians 5:17). Whilst His Word is spinning the silk needed, the work needs to be done by us. New work, new tasks, a new way of doing things, a new way of reaching across the voids of culture and understanding. All we need to know is that we can trust His promise and know with unfailing certainty that He can use any situation towards an end where He is the sculptor in a wilderness of whispers!

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#fridayfootprints – Friday 5th June 2020

In the middle of the creation God has given to each of us, there is a pole.

The purpose of the pole is for us to climb on top and to see how far the boundaries of our baptismal creation extend.

To climb the pole is difficult. It is meant to be, for it is only the spiritually strong and brave who will, upon reaching the top, recognise the challenge to explore the boundaries of the creation bequeathed to them.

Spiritual growth will only be achieved by going deeper and further, then deeper still and further still until our journey has ended.

As we enter the world renewed and filled with the Holy Spirit after Pentecost, our relationship with the Trinity is meant to keep on growing. With the devastating results of Covid19 on churches and church attendance going forward, we must surely recognise that this is part of climbing the pole to see how far the boundaries of our faith extend.

Church growth will come as a direct result of spiritual growth in that spiritual growth leads us into a deeper understanding of the type of relationship God expects of us. If we have seen the creation, He made for each of us, then surely, we must push to the very edges of the boundaries that we have seen in an adventure with God to experience the completeness of His  Love and Grace and then strive to share it with others.

And yes; there will always be those who having made it to the top of the pole are more interested in admiring their own reflection. They feel that they have made it this far and with the buoy alongside as a safety measure, they are perhaps too afraid to venture further.

For them, they need our prayers that they have the courage to fly to the ends of the earth when they hear Him as He whispers in our wilderness!

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#fridayfootprints – Friday 29th May 2020

There is a road that goes through the town that I live in. The road serves as a link for people going about their daily tasks of dealing with life. The road also links other towns and cities to mine from west to east (or the other way round, depending which way you are going) and I know this because I have travelled this road in both directions.

This is a reality for which I know to be true!

If you were born in ‘Lockdown’ and grew up under its restrictions, this reality might seem a bit strange. If you have never been on the road, felt the tyre-hum of the surface as you pick up cruising speed, planned your stops according to the brand of coffee being served, or felt the freedom of seeing a world as it races by, then the road is not part of your particular reality.

To try to explain it would be just as difficult.

We are creatures of emotional experiences. What we have not felt to be true, for the most part is viewed with a great deal of scepticism.

What then of the Holy Spirit?

As we have gone through the last week leading up to Pentecost, the reality of the Holy Spirit is seen by so many with shades of doubt. This is a reality that is hard sell.

The Holy Spirit, in the embodiment of the Trinity, has to be felt. It is a road that must be travelled. It is an experience that must be lived. Yet, if it is not part of your reality, you are left staring at one point in the road without knowing where it came from, where it is going and who are there along the way.

You will always have questions, but these cannot be answered through the doubts.

Troubled? Load your problems and deliver them to God. On the return journey you will be filled with Blessing. To travel through ‘your’ wilderness, you must get out on the road. You have to feel the whisper of life calling. And if you do, you will find that the road goes over many bridges, spanning many rivers and in one of these rivers will run the waters of your baptism.

This Pentecost answer the call of the His open road and discover a new reality!

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#fridayfootprints – Friday 22 May 2020

An intimate relationship that has existed almost since the beginning of time. Lichen, made up of algal and fungal cells, is life, living in a mutually beneficial relationship.

As we celebrate the Ascension of Jesus and await His promise of the Holy Spirit, we can only speculate as to how the first disciples must have felt at the time. Now we know that much like the lichen, when we receive the Holy Spirit into our lives, we are committing to a life-long relationship of intimate love. And it is a mutually beneficial relationship. The Trinity gives love and receives our love on the same basis. And it is, in its Spirit form, like the air that the lichen survives on and like the water we ae baptised in.

Like the lichen, in so many cases, what we look like apart from God is completely different to what we look like when we are joined with Him. Sometimes it is just the simple things in life that show us who, where and what God is! I find great comfort that such primitive and simple forms of life have been in mutually beneficial relationships from the beginning and that this must surely be an indication of what God wanted for His creation.

He leaves these signs clearly written for us throughout nature, and it is up to us to notice them as we go about our daily tasks. In this case, removing branches to free up some winter “Son” brought a message of a simple and divine truth: Our lives with the Trinity are as fulfilling for us as they are for Him, and our structure and character are different in appearance when we are in a relationship with Him compared to what we look like apart.

As Jesus ascends to be with His Father, so He leaves with us a promise as a whisper in the wilderness of a relationship to come. One that will provide a conduit for a bi-directional flow of love in the most intimate relationship that anyone could dream of!

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#fridayfootprints – Friday 15th May 2020

My ‘Stairway to Heaven’ is bordered by a stream filled with stones, polished and rounded by Christ’s Living Waters.

The stream becomes a river as it flows through the wilderness of my life. The stream’s voice offers comforts, guidance, patience and love as it covers the stones and gurgles on in it its journey to eternity.

The stairway never ends! Just when I think that I have reached a level piece, so it turns out, it is merely a landing and beyond it another stairway beckons. More stair and more landings. Sometimes the landings are small with only enough room to turn or negotiate a bend. At other times, the landings are large and take time to traverse. But the journey continues until at times it feels that Heaven is out of reach.

And then in the quietness of the dawn the whispers I hear, tell me that this is Heaven! Each flight of stairs is a path to the next landing and each landing is an opportunity for another conversation with God.

So, the landings in my life become a reflection of my time spent with the Trinity.

Through this I have learnt to pray for more stairways, and more landings, and a chance to have yet another conversation with the three Beloved Friends who accompany me on my journey.

When the wilderness has whispered, we have been together on the landings and together in Heaven and one day it will be a different landing and perhaps the Heaven may seem strange at first, but the voices will be the same, as will the laughter, passion and love that I have cherished on all the landings we have shared.

I make stairways to Heaven in the garden so that there can be landings. The landings are there for time to be spent in communion with the whisperer in my wilderness.

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#fridayfootprints – Friday 8th May 2020

The morning dew lies waiting for the first rays of sunlight, to show all who take notice, the diamonds that have been waiting patiently for just the right moment to be discovered. The tiniest of sparkles brightens my day.

I can remember reading an opening phrase of a book (I forget the title) that has always stuck with me. It described how the importance of walks in nature does not depend on how far we travel, but rather what we notice along the way.

How true this was of the diamonds being reflected in the morning beams. Only a few steps from the house lay a world of wonder and mystery just waiting for the sun to reveal its ‘hidden’ glory. A wonderland of dewdrops bursting into diamonds in the early morning light.

Life is like that! Many of us spend our lives at full throttle trying to reach the end goal as fast as we can. Just how much we miss along the way is often only discovered too late.

God’s word is also like that. We can read it like any other book – but the gems – the diamonds that are waiting for the ‘Son’ (in His Spirit form) to reveal are there waiting for us to pause and study our immediate surrounds. One chapter is often too much. One verse can hinge on one word. One diamond sparkling in His light, which we would have missed if our mission is to finish the chapter before the weariness of the day took hold of our eyelids.  

When the wilderness whispers, every word has its place as a gem in a heavenly crown. The wilderness is His creation and the whispers are His words.

Search for the diamonds God has placed on your walk with Him. They will only been seen when we walk at His pace.

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#fridayfootprints – Friday 1st May 2020

The art of being able to fly is the art of being able to close your eyes and go wherever you wish to go. To stand on the edge of nothing, look into the distance and just let go!

We all build up a memory bank of images – places we have been to, seen in books or movies, perhaps even places we have read about.

Through the simple act of bringing these images to the forefront of our thoughts we can visit these places at will.  We simply lean our imagination in the direction in which we want to go and ‘take off’. Suddenly we have the birds as company, when,  like superman we are capable of flying centimetres off the ground, skirting around objects with the ease of a seasoned professional and over-flying the images of the places we have chosen to visit!

And the best part of it all – you cannot crash! Landings are safe and the whole flight is environmentally friendly.

The ability to embark on such journeys during lockdown does wonders for the cabin fever that builds up occasionally.

But there is more to it than that.

Being able to fly to destinations in our brain, opens up the possibility of flying with God. Of having the Trinity as wingmen flying in formation with you.

This is not a journey into the past, nor an attempt to fly into the future. It is in the here and now. A chance to connect to God in a very real way and explore the world around us as it is ‘now’. It is an opportunity to enjoy the exhilarating feeling of flight with a God who knows our every emotion and desire. The God of our creation made us so that we could fly with our imagination, why then would He not want to fly alongside us?

Flying with Him during lockdown, we may discover a wilderness of whispers has turned into a river of dreams to be fulfilled.

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#fridayfootprints – Friday 24th April 2020

My ‘Lockdown’ Emmaus Road.

I always knew that God was in my garden. Over the years I have encountered Him there in His various Trinity guises and the conversations that we have had have been many, varied and deep (mostly).

Now thanks to the ‘Lockdown’ protocol for Covid 19, I am spending more time in other parts of the house than I usually do. Not only that, but the time I spend there is not so rushed as it so often is.

Time spend at the sink, allows for careful washing of all utensils and a cleansing of the soul by the figures that stand there with me. Gently sponging off the ‘worldly’ smudges of dirt that have accumulated over the years. Hands that guide mine to seek out the dirt that has been glossed over way too often.

Likewise, time at the stove, is time with three friends that are constantly at my shoulder as we prepare meals together. Sustenance ‘deconstructed’ into delicious titbits of knowledge that only the Trinity could share. The spices that ‘They’ add in the form of context, culture, time and place, add unique flavours to the Lockdown meals. Perhaps a recipe book; ‘Cooking with the Spirit’ should be in the making!

Cleaning house has taken on a new meaning. The quick ‘once over’ has been replaced by the slow caress. All under the strict supervision of a Triunal decorating team focused on comfort, sharing and love.

God, in all His forms, now shadows me as the minute hand on the clock has slowed its pace. A journey from room to room and task to task, unhurried, allows me to feel Him accompany me along the way.

The Lockdown has brought many blessings, bringing my Lord in from the garden and making the house His own and allowing me to make time for Him in the household tasks. He does seem to drink a lot of coffee though, considering how much we have been going through lately! But that is probably because I ran out of wine weeks ago.

Time spent with the Trinity in the stillness and peace that the lockdown brings, has put a new spring in my footsteps that tread my Emmaus Road around the house. It has added new dimensions to ‘working from home’ that can go late into the night or even start long before the sun has thought of rising. All in the eagerness to be in His presence!

With the Trinity – Social distancing is not required, when the wilderness whispers.

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#fridayfootprints – Friday 17th April 2020

There are place in my head that are scary places to visit when my imagination goes into overdrive.

Our imagination is also what feeds all the fake news we find on every platform. Fake news relies on the plausible, plays on the emotions, disguises reality and reason, balancing fact with fiction to make a believable story.

Something we want to believe in, even when the rest of our logic is screaming: “Watch out!”

I remember a time when a Sunday School teacher was one of my best customers for the ‘Fairy Stories’ I wrote. The reasoning being; if we can get children to believe in a ‘unseen’ fairy – we can get them to believe in an unseen God. This at a time when children readily believed in anything from the tooth mouse to Father Christmas and the Easter Bunny.

For the disciples, a Living Christ was just as far from the truth as the bunny, the mouse or a sleigh full of gifts until, suddenly, He was there in their midst. And even then, believing did not come instantly.

Pity the poor journalist who had to write that story without it being branded as fake news! A Risen Christ indeed?

Fear and uncertainty are the breeding grounds of fiction laced with fact. An environment where the rumourmongers flourish. I’m sure that stories of the resurrection were changed to suit every political, cultural and social agenda that the respective leaders in society wanted.

Covid 19 is testimony to that.

Take this corona virus plant as an example:It grows in the deep shade of the undergrowth. Cultivated by fairies and gnomes of lesser stature, it lies in wait. The bright red tips prove that it has recently fed. But it hungers for more.

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#fridayfootprints – Friday 10th April 2020

A glance at the world today shows that many lives are literally ‘hanging on a thread.’

Not just their lives, but also their Faith!

Faith in humanity, faith in political leadership, faith in technology and faith in God. In the absence of faith, fear begins to tighten its hold, squeezing any remaining life out of the globe.

Strange, when today we look at the crucifixion of Christ. His life was also hanging on a thread. That gossamer silk thread for Him would break. Yet, it was a death with a purpose.

For all of us who face death, it will never be ‘death with a purpose’ if we did not have life with a purpose. For Christ it was ordained. It was necessary for us, for our sins and for our salvation.

Without His death we could not have ‘life with a purpose.’ Without His death there was no reason for us to live. To exist, yes, but not to live!

Not only did He have to die, but the inhumanity of the events of the day leading up to His death, should have died with Him.

If we are to live with a purpose, we must know that the same gossamer thread of silk that we hold onto so dearly, must be that His death was not in vain. That the purpose we have, is; to love as He loved, to care as He cared, to teach as He taught, to share as He shared and to forgive as He forgave. 

Our purpose is to be what He wanted us to be – otherwise everything He went through on that fateful Friday was in vain.

We all cry at the foot of His cross. We shout praises for His empty grave. But in between; are we living with a purpose? His shout at the 12th hour, is now but a murmur – a whisper in the wilderness that can only be heard because the world has been forced into quieter times and the noises of the hustle and bustle are stilled.

Listen, He calls you to a life with a purpose!

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#fridayfootprints – Friday 3rd April 2020

“Lonely looking sky, lonely sky, lonely looking sky. And being lonely makes you wonder why.” (Words from the lyrics of a Neil Diamond song of the same name.)

 But what of the bench?

 A lonely bench placed to watch a lonely sky! But is the bench lonely?

Perhaps the bench has a chance, in this time of crisis, to process all the thoughts and prayers that have been placed on ‘it’ over the years.

But is the bench empty?

The image that forms in my head is of a bench with three figures sitting and enjoying the peacefulness of creation for the first time in years. Diminished pollution and clearer skies and less noise.

And their conversation …? In this time of crisis, what would the Trinity be saying to each other?

Is the Holy Spirit (on the left) talking about the necessity for another breath of wind, or perhaps a flame or two, this time directed where it would do the most good.

Perhaps Jesus (on the right) is concerned about that ‘Heaven is at hand’ bit, and how to get people to understand the real meaning our ‘death to self’.

The central figure is one of calmness and patience. One of absorbing all of life and all the living in absolute and unhurried authority.

‘Gentlemen let us take a walk on the “Wild” side. Let us see how long it takes to get there and back. Let us eat the flesh of the world’s disillusionment, and drink in the blood of compassion. And when we have walked awhile with them, they will have heard that the Wilderness Whispers. They will realise that it is the breath of God that comes, not from a lonely sky, but from a bench with three figures sitting on it waiting for their call to arms.’

Glory looking day
Glory day, glory looking day
And all it’s glory
Told a simple way
Behold it if you may
Glory looking day
Glory looking day

(Neil Diamond – Lonely looking sky)

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#fridayfootprints – Friday 27th March 2020

In a garden filled with greenery a solitary flower fights against the feeling of being isolated. The feeling that the whole world is the enemy. The solitary flower becomes so consumed with the loneliness it forgets a fundamental truth:

Without the greenery it wouldn’t exist.

In the forests of our lives we are always looking for the flowers. We want to be the flowers. We want to stand out from the greenery. And when we do – we feel the loneliness.

Perhaps we should put ourselves in the greenery’s shoes and ask ourselves why there are so few flowers. If we look for the flowers and we want to be the flowers and we have the ability to be the flowers; then why aren’t we all flowers overshadowing the greenery?

When the world is in crisis, we need flowers. We need people who stand up and stand out.

Christian Faith is entering a period of crisis. It is also entering a period of un-dreamt of possibilities that we would not have considered 4 months ago.

The question is simple are we going to become consumed by loneliness in a sea of green or are we going to flood the green with flowers?

Care to come and blossom with me?

Whilst I pray that we all come through this safely, I pray even more that we come through this with a purpose to bloom. To show our true colours. To use all the nutrients drawn out of the soil by the greenery and turn them into the greatest show on earth.

God’s show!

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