#fridayfootprints – Friday 2nd December 2022

Watch in awe as the first floret’s petals peel back to reveal its core. 

A gift of creation’s nature! Slowly more gifts open to finally explode the full glory of His miracle to those that take the time to walk in the wilderness of His gardens.

His gift to us was not just a single event at Christmas, but an ongoing revelation of His presence.

As we explore His word and turn the pages of petals to expose the core of His message, so we are presented with the greatest gift known to mankind. Step by step, floret by floret He exposes Himself to us in our daily journey through life. To appreciate the magnitude of His ‘Gift’ we must appreciate the build up.

The gift of ‘His one and only son…’ (John 3:16) is a gift of such power and promise it is sometimes only possible to grasp when we see the little gifts that build up to that final burst of glory. Then in a fireball of holiness, His whispers will spread through the firmaments of our souls to prepare us for eternity.

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#fridayfootprints – Friday 25th November 2022

For one brief moment in time, there was a sign.

A star above the prickly world of our existence.

To those that seek Him, that star is still visible. It appears where we least expect it and sometimes, we have to wait patiently for what we know to be true, to manifest itself in our lives.

“Ask and it will be given to you; 

seek and you will find

knock and the door will be opened to you. …” Matt 7.7

For the Advent of Christ, how true is this? His whispers are to be heard wherever and whenever we open our ears to hear. And, in the stillness of the gardens of His creation, there are whispers that float like butterfly wings exploring the glory of His works.

It is here in these moments that the Holy Spirit begins His work to bring the Advent as a birthing of a new life in Christ.

The wait is over, the star is visible.

Seek Him!

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#fridayfootprints = Friday 18th November 2022

My God is a gentle God!

He is filled with the softest shades of comfort and love. There is no harshness in Him.

The gentle pastel tones of His presence in my creation are a constant reminder of the peaceful nature of His character.

He is my Comforter and Redeemer. And it is to Him that I turn my head in quiet supplication. It is in the whispered tones of His voice that overshadows all when I take the time to acknowledge his existence in the gardens of my Eden.

I have all the colours of my Trinity to turn to. The reds of Christ’s Passion and the blinding whites of the Holy Spirit. To worship is merely a case of taking it all in and praising Him.

But it is in the stillness of His gentle hands that reach out to hug my soul that I feel his touch. And it is then in that moment that my whole body responds, and I know there can be no other way but to praise Him in the words of His whispers in my wilderness.

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#fridayfootprints – Friday 11th November 2022

There are grey days when the clouds hang heavy on the earth and darkness threatens to absorb all in its wake.

These are the days to look for the diamonds in our faith.

Droplets of holiness, blessed by the baptism of the faintest rays of light that pierce the sombre skies.

The faintest pinpricks of His presence are enough to fortify our souls and give us the courage to persevere and hold out until the sun shines once more. The darkened days of our wintered faith beg for the summer sky to break through, and the long nights plead for stretched dawns and endless sunsets.

Our faith tires us in the darkness and as we become more vulnerable the Holy Spirit arrives in the least likely of places to breathe the faintest whispers of new light into our being.

Seek His diamonds of light. The clouds bring blessings of the finest mists that lay their cloak on creation. One ray is enough to reveal His Grace. One prayer is enough for salvation, and one hymn cried out is hallowed praise for He who is and is still to come.

Praise Him… Even in the darkened days!

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Nestled between eye-stretching beaches and forest-clad mountains lies the capital of Paradise. A village interlaced by rivers and lakes, worthy of the Eden in which it finds itself.

Wilderness. The name conjures up images of stillness, beauty, solitude and perhaps even a little danger elicited by the unknown.

For those that have walked the trails in any wilderness area, there must always have been a thought, a dream – to live in a wilderness of their own.

My wilderness; is Wilderness!

I have walked many trails. I have touched and smelt the fragrances of Africa in the dust of its savannas and in the dews of its forests. I have been alone in the nights with the hyena’s eyes and the leopard’s cough. I have sweated on Africa’s fields and tasted the salt of its wounds.

My reward has been to find solace in Wilderness and God.

Wilderness is my soul food. A place where humanity comes to enjoy the fruits of its labours. A place where a bustling crowd is simply a room full of people and stillness is coffee time shared between two hearts. And if you want to escape the noise, you can let the bird song drown out the crickets or the seagull’s cry from the surf line chorus in the dolphin’s streamlined wake. In the gardens of Eden, we share our gardens with nature or perhaps it is nature that shares her gardens with us. This is creation on your doorstep with a threshold we step over in-and-out, countless times a day.

If the wilderness has always been a place in your dreams – make Wilderness Whispers a place in your reality and let the dream be wakened.

My wilderness is my whispers, heard in the corridors of my being. Words that feed the cries of hope and comfort the tears of hopelessness. Words that bring perspective to our journey on the paths of our lives. Words that touch a little light-heartedness to illicit a smile on the darkened days.

My Wilderness Whispers are words conveyed over the firelight of a spiritual connection with humanity. Join me and find your Wilderness and may we walk the trails together.

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#fridayfootprints – Friday 4th November 2022

Lay me down on creation’s pillow where fallen petals are the pages of a life caught between the book ends of an existence in a world created through thoughts and dreams.

On each petal are scripts of dramas which get to be played out by the characters of imagined personas that strut the stages of our realities.

The spotlights that shine on this stage, give meaning to the play and to the roles and with the sounds emanating from the orchestra pit, it is here that the audience can feel the nuances of a spirit-filled life.

The plays and the stages are our own. They are written and produced with guidance from an anxiously onlooking Trinity. Only when the Spirit’s lights come on, and the Angels’ choir begin the refrain, that the world will see the truth revealed in each of us.

What that truth will be, is entirely up to the words of the inscriptions on our petals, voiced and performed throughout each scene.

We pray, Lord, that the light of the Holy Spirit, shines on us and highlights your ‘Truth’ and the extent of Your Grace through the roles we play. Be gentle, Lord … and lay me down on a bed of Your truth, may Your fragrance of salvation be the whispered words of holiness that accompany me all my days and into eternity.

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#fridayfootprints – Friday 28th October 2022

Tears of joy? Tears of sorrow, pain or even relief are all borne on the cheeks of sacrifice.

The gentlest of tears caress the blood of sacrifices made throughout our journey here on earth. As we seek to blossom there is always the softest reminder that we need to bloom in His name.

It is whilst the thorns of sin cling to the sheath of our lives that the flower, surrounded by the sharp reminders of our sin requires that we give time and contemplation to what is really going on in our lives and whether the sacrifices we make are for ourselves or for Him.

Pick just our blossoms lord, so that we may leave our sin-filled existence on the branches of our earthly lives. See the splendour in our lives Lord that your sacrifice made possible and let us walk in the dawn of your creation, new and fresh. Ready to burst forth and glorify your name.

Let your Heaven be graced by the splendour of a floral masterpiece, resplendent in angel vases throughout the halls of your kingdom.

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#fridayfootprints – Friday 21st October 2022

In floral fields …

Wet with the morning dew I go in search of fellowship with my Lord in His fields of floral splendour.

It is here amongst the rainbow colours that the serenity of His presence calms my restless soul.

Pastel shades of green caressed with soft daisy-like petals are the foundation to the gentleness of His Spirit that pervades the air surrounding me.

Blossoms, baptised in droplets of comfort surround my prayers (and my pleas) until they are immersed with you Lord, as the flowers merge into Your floral fields, and, like a carpet of gentle whispers, Your Grace enfolds my being and soothes my fears.

Lord, as I walk in your creation let my feet choose paths blanketed by your blessings as the joy that emanates from a summer meadow, and may my footsteps leave the clearest path for those who wish to find you.

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#fridayfootprints – Friday 14th October 2022

Creation’s Trinity surrounds us wherever we may seek it. It is there to reveal all His Glory.

As in a book, we turn the garden’s pages of a floral revelation as He is fully exposed to our senses.

The double red for the sacrifice and Passion of the Christ.

The glistening white of the Holy Spirit as He blesses us in His baptism as it brings us to a new life in Him.

Blended, they are formed from the gentlest colours of God, the soft balance of the delicate cloak of Grace gifted to us by God mixed from the shades of sacrifice and rebirth.

Three colours from the same form, resplendent in their royal blue heaven. Three forms that glorify Him in all creation. Three blossoms that bring the Peace of our Lord to fruition as we walk through botanical perfection in fellowship with Him.

Three, the trinitarian promise of fullness that whispers to us:

“May the love of the Lord Jesus Christ, the grace of God and the fellowship of the Holy Spirit be with you all.”

In the simpleness of faith is the freedom of His truth that we may revel in His Glory for all eternity if we call Him Lord and turn to Him for our salvation.


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The Fish Whisperer

Many of you may remember Mr Red who starred in a previous story. (Saving Mr Red)

That was two years ago and as with all things over the pages of time, life takes new and unexpected turns. So it was during the last Christmas holidays.

Ben is a young boy of six, about to be seven and he has been fascinated by Mr Red since they were first introduced not too long after he was born. (Ben that is, not Mr Red) Both have grown somewhat since. Ben has shot up like the proverbial beanstalk and Mr Red is taking on whale-sized proportions.

The relationship between the two, was, to a degree, rather one-sided. Every time Ben was in Wilderness it would become his daily routine – to ask if he could go and see Mr Red!

This was difficult as Mr Red did not like company and would hide under the lily pads and his rock shelter until it was safe to come out. But over the years and the holiday visits so both Ben and Mr Red got braver. Mr Red could be seen when he came up for food and Ben, not as uncertain about the prospect of seeing Mr Red, spent a lot more time at the pond edge.

It was noticeable though, over the last year, that something special was happening. That, indeed, a relationship was building between the two.

The latest holiday season provided the two of them with time to explore this friendship, and what transpired may, for some, be hard to believe.

With the routine: “Can I go and see Red?” I would take Ben up the steps to the garden pond, fish pellets in hand for Ben to go and feed him.

With Ben at the side of the pond, wherever Mr Red was, he would come immediately to Ben to be fed. Except now he was coming to be petted.

And such excitement at each event. The minute Mr Red arrived at the side of the pond, Ben would put his hand in and stroke Mr Red, who believe it or not, would wag his tail. Wag it! He would almost shake it to the roots. Not to get away, but in pure bliss and joy. Returning time and again to be stroked and touched.

And then he would come and kiss Ben’s finger. Coming up, mouth opening on the six year old’s finger in the water.

Believe it or not! I saw it – and then one day Ben’s mother saw it and watched in open-mouthed fascination at the spectacle.

A fish whisperer – perhaps?

What I did see was the process of a relationship being built on childlike beliefs.

Our relationship with God should be built like this. Where God, like Ben, came time after time to the water’s edge to see us. Unfailing in His commitment to see it through to the end.

We on the other hand are mostly like Mr Red. Shy at first, untrusting. Then slowly, we become more accustomed to His presence and then to the food He brings. Then one day we trust enough to get a little closer, and then closer still.

If we can get this far in our relationship – so that we can feel that first touch, that spiritual moment of contact – then the ecstasy, Oh my. Ecstasy doesn’t even describe it.

That is what a relationship with the Living God is all about. Such unbridled joy fed by His Holy Spirit, that bursts through every part of us, uncontainably. So much so that we can throw our arms in the air and shout, Hallelujah!

Over and over and over again.

That is what I learnt from a very young, St Francis-styled boy, who called a fish to him and brought it (and him) love and joy and a purpose.

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#fridayfootprints – Friday 7th October 2022

Sip from His cup, break bread and eat.

This is our communion. Not a once-in-a-while event, but communion with Him. Fellowship! Communication at its most intimate level.

This is a life-long journey that we take with our Risen Lord. An adventure through the lushest gardens and driest deserts, but we do it with Him. Communion becomes our permanent picnic basket that we take along for sustenance. Something we can rely on, something we can take out and spread on the blanket of our lives.

Here we take the bread and break it, laying out the pieces of our body that suffer with Him. We take the wine, pour it, savouring the taste of Him. Its freshness and sweetness blend into the aroma that drips from our lips in communion with the Spirit of Him. Drop by drop His whispers wash through us in a baptism of spiritual connection that wets the driest throat.

Lord; may the fellowship of our communion be a bond that we share each moment of our lives as we walk on the path you have set for us.

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#fridayfootprints – Friday 30th September 2022

Pin your prayers to the cushion of God’s Grace.

With arms held high, we raise our prayers to the God of our salvation.

How blessed are we that we can even do this? That we have someone to turn to at any given moment and be secure in the knowledge and understanding that He is there just for that moment.

Our prayers are not caught up in some superhighway traffic jam. When we commit ourselves to Him, we are given the softest landing imaginable, cushioned from any form of retribution, retaliation or revenge.

More than prayer, it is our praises for such benevolence that should find hymns of joyful thanksgiving for His boundless mercies.

Here in my wilderness Lord, hear my whispered prayer as the echo of my gratefulness bounces through the hallways of your heaven.

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#fridayfootprints – Friday 23rd September 2022

Words that cascade from the font of our baptism.

Words, that are the soul food in the timeframe of our existence, written and spoken for centuries, formed out of creation have become the prayers for mankind, because of man.

We need to speak these words as they are the testimony to the presence of the one true God.

The Holy Spirit resides in these words as they overflow from His chalice. And in the sound of each drop as it falls, is the echo of His whispers that bounce through the halls of our consciousness and constitute the building blocks of our faith.

Wash us in your droplets Lord, that we may collect the runoff from your Grace. In prayer we cup our hands to carry your anointing to the world and with the words of your spiritual blessing we go forth to those that thirst that we may bring your ‘Living Water’ to the deserts of the wilderness.

In each drop is the perfect reflection of your Glory and we carry it in awe of your patience with us.


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#fridayfootprints – Friday 16th September 2022

Symphony of prayer

As the darkness of the world creeps closer, our souls are called to witness unspeakable pain and heartsore. And any view of the world will see arms outstretched in pleas for mercy and begging for justice to be served on a society imbued in power and greed.

We desperately seek intercessors. Mediators between us and God, as if our conduit for prayer is blocked.

When such evil exists around us, and when there isn’t a worldly cure, doctor or hospital for those plagued by a sickness of the soul, then we need to gather in prayers of faith and hope.

We seek angels to carry our whispers as a symphony of prayer in their pollen baskets to a honeycomb in heaven. There, to be turned into the purest and sweetest excelsior.

Pour out your golden honey Lord, that its essence becomes the healing balm of our society, melting into the hearts of mankind. Amen

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#fridayfootprints – Friday 9th September 2022

Every day, a new ‘Camino’….

A chance to climb out of bed and take the first steps to a new day with Him. As with every new day, it is a journey of renewal as we discover spots of our salvation on the canvas of His sacrifice.

As such, each day is a baptism into His death and an adventure of discovery of the freedom that exists by going through the process of the journey. No matter how few the steps, wash off the old and discard it behind us. Then, step by step, embark on the revelation of the road; the ‘Way’ that will bring us closer to Him. For some the journey may be limited to a route around the house, others may make it to the garden and others still have longer and arduous trails and trials.

So, in our fellowship with the Holy Spirit, we pause with each step to hear His whispers and echo His Hymns in praises raised to Heaven on the beat of our footsteps trekking on a journey of redemption.

Make each day a pilgrimage with Him and for Him.

For some, their Camino has come to an end: God save the Queen!

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#fridayfootprints – Friday 2nd September 2022

When two or three …..

When our quiet times and solitary meditation seem insufficient for the crises that we find ourselves in, we need to call for reinforcements.

Sometimes our communication and fellowship through the Holy Spirit needs to be more than just about ourselves. There are always others in need. People and situations beyond our control and well out of the bounds of human intervention.

Then in the stillness of His presence, we are called to gather and pray in unison. With the advent of social media interaction, the opportunity for two or three to be gathered together in prayer has exponentially increased far in excess of what we could ever imagine.

Now, in times of need, we can gather the multitudes to offer a combined forceful plea, raised to heaven on arrows from earth. And in our hearts, we feel His force through the Spirit as a call to a common purpose.

And in unison, our whispers are sent forth, touching one another, gathering momentum and strength for the healing of all ills. When we pray together, we change our souls. When we change our souls, we change our hearts and when we change our hearts, we change the world.

Join hands in prayer in confirmation of the faith we have in a Risen Lord.


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#Fridayfootprints – Friday26th August 2022

As I take in the sights and sounds that surround me during the times I spend in communion with nature, I find that these have become the foundation blocks in building a landing strip for the Holy Spirit in my life.

Without the calmness, or the sense of being that creation’s presence saturates us with, we find difficulty in focusing our faith on the centre of His existence.

To let the Holy Spirit alight in our souls, our invitation to Him begins in clearing the runway and turning on the landing lights. In this, we make the announcement over our own internal public address system.

If we are not preparing ourselves for the Holy Spirit, all we are witnessing is His ‘flypast’ albeit with some low-level acrobatics. Yet the landing never takes place if the runway is not prepared or lit in expectation.

He needs to land – not for His re-fuelling, but for ours! Not for passengers to disembark but for us to climb aboard. There is peace and gentleness in Him that belies the strength that exists in His wings to calm and enfold our restless hearts.

Let Him land and then, with Him, take flight as the Spirit’s winds of whispers beneath your wings let you soar with a lightness in your heart and joy pulsing through your veins.

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#fridayfootprints – Friday 19th August 2022

It is tough out there!

Amidst the trials and tribulations we face week in and week out, our search for meaning and comfort is an endless journey in the world in which we find ourselves.

By the end of the day or week or year, we are in desperate need of finding solace with the Lord and we go in search of patches of Holiness. Those little glimpses of white that will reassure us of His presence.

As we walk in nature, we will always find something.

And there at the very core, we see the treasure of fellowship. The golden core that is our inheritance as Christians. The invitation to draw closer – to hear and be heard. This is the confirmation that He exists in all things as He created all things. He is our peace and our salvation, and He is present in the here and now.

As we wander through His creation, we become aware of the whispers through eternity. They are there from the time the first sun lit the first morning’s dew and they will remain until the end of time. Nothing can escape His presence, we just need to look for it, and rest in His Glory.

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#fridayfootprints – Friday 12th August 2022

The early morning stillness absorbs us into its presence!

Our quiet time in fellowship with the Lord welcomes the peace that a dawn encounter with Him encompasses.

The stillness of our soul takes time to register the sounds that exist around us. As we enter our meditation with the Trinity, we strive to exclude the man-made white noise that surrounds us and to slowly become aware of the softness of nature as it slowly blankets our tenseness. Gradually we are sucked into an environment where only ourselves and the Lord are present.

And so, in the mood of fellowship, we take note of creation as it calls out to be seen.

A flower’s tongue cries out. The silent whisper of our creator speaks in tongues that only time with the Holy Spirit will decipher. And as the stillness overcomes the inner turmoil, the tongues of my soul join nature’s chorus as together we raise our voices in praise.

Time taken during our days and nights brings into sharp focus His presence around us. If we can see Him in creation, then we will feel Him within ourselves.

Then sings my soul …  and His whispers on choral tongues send notes of the Holy Spirit over mankind’s seeking souls, and again: Then sings my soul, my Saviour God to Thee. How great thou art.


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#fridayfootprints – Friday 5th August 2022

When we lift our eyes to the heavens, are we seeing heaven or perhaps the sky, clouds a passing bird (or plane)?

To see heaven we need to lift our eyes far deeper than ‘..to the hills..from whence cometh my help.’

To lift our eyes for a full view of the Trinity is a chance to really see the treasure that exists in the promise of God and the gift that has been given to us.

Thoughts of heaven with a golden throne are to be found in God’s creation wherever we look. To lift our eyes is not to glance upwards but to look deeper and see beyond the superficial that exists before us.

The gold is in the gift of grace.

Our communication with God through prayer is not a chance to speak to Him but an opportunity for Him to speak to us. He speaks in the sights and sounds that surround us. We just need to ‘lift’ our eyes and look deeper and then to look deeper still and see with more than just our sight. Here we will find His ‘Soul Whisper’.

To find Him is to know that His gift of Grace has been given to all mankind. Wear His grace as a cloak and let your golden centre burst forth to all those you encounter who look skywards.

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#fridayfootprints – Friday 29th July 2022

We live in a world where life goes by at the speed of light. Before we have taken the second sip of our morning coffee the sun is setting in the evening sky, and the day is done!

Taking time for ourselves seems to be an unattainable dream that makes us consider adding this to our ‘bucket list’. And taking time out for God will need a miracle of ‘flood’ proportions.

Yet amongst the stress and angst that threaten to envelop us, is a hand that reaches out. A hand that exists wherever we look. The fingers are outstretched, filled with promise, beckoning with whispers of calm as comfort glistens in the drops of light cast by His Glory.

To know that He exists is not enough. To see Him is a step in the right direction, to reach out and grasp the outstretched hand that waits patiently for our attention is the ultimate connection in finding fellowship.

Allow just one finger to touch the hand of God that nestles in creation and the presence of the Holy Spirit will light your path and guide your daily journey through life’s tribulations.

See his hand, grasp it, and hold on for dear life!

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#fridayfootprints – Friday 22nd July 2022

Words upon words; layered in rhythms, pastel shades, and down-feathered lightness, float in the gardens of creation.

Seeking Him is a journey of seeking the words that are purposefully left for us to discover as we explore the creation that extends before like a vista of an African landscape.

Finding the words is not a treasure hunt but an adrenalin-infused adventure.

Finding His words is like catching dandelion clocks floating in the cosmos of our existence, each in our own Eden.

As we turn the pages of His word, so the seeds of letters formed at the beginning of time reach out to connect with us in a fellowship of the Holy Spirit. Letters become syllables that come together and form conjunctions of faith in the sentences of our Christian DNA.

Unspoken words that reach into us and speak to the soul are His whispers that have the power to transform our lives, reaching in and pulling out all that is good within us and give meaning to the Grace He has bequeathed to us.

Seek His words, let them speak, then give them structure, voice and volume!

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#fridayfootprints – Friday 15th July 2022

Seeking newness, I stand and greet the morning.

As a dewdrop in the dawn is clutched by new flower buds, so I wait for the presence of the Holy Spirit that I may clasp Him to my chest and let Him cleanse me.

I can feel the coolness in the air and the damp cold seeps into my bones from the lingering winter air. The hairs on my arms stand up and on the back of my neck, I can feel His breath of whispers. I welcome the feeling, drawing it in, drawing Him in. Deeper and deeper, until I can feel deep down in the pit of my stomach something genuine and honest, and I am immersed in His peace.

This is the purity I wait for every morning!

I feed on it as sustenance to use through each task that beckons in the day ahead.

This is my “…screw your courage to the sticking place …” of Shakespeare’s Macbeth. But it isn’t courage I stick there. It is knowledge, it is faith, that through the Holy Spirit, God is with me and in me for all that lies ahead, and I am anointed by His presence and His words.

Greet Him in the ‘dew of the dawn’. Live each day afresh and renewed in faith.

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#fridayfootprints – Friday 8th July 2022

When my body is weary and my heart is sore, I travel to a room in my soul where I can sit in silence and absorb the wisdom of the Lord.

This pilgrimage to my soul is a daily journey.

Steps taken from darkness to light.

As the rays of His grace fill the chambers of my being, so am I blessed, and the words that I write are His whispers in the wilderness of my presence in His creation.

And as I abide in my ‘soul cell’, the fellowship of the Holy Spirit prepares me for the day ahead.

Each day can be a journey, but not every journey is a pilgrimage. A chance to draw closer to God and cast off the shackles that hinder our relationship with Him.

Take a daily pilgrimage to your soul and be overwhelmed by the Holy Spirit!

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#fridayfootprints – Friday 1st July 2022

There is a darkness over the world that shades the waters of our baptism!

Not a dusk or a fading sunset, but a blackness that overshadows everything in its path.

When we hear of ‘Black Holes’ in space, perhaps this is where humanity now finds itself. The bitterness and hatred that has infected society has its roots in power and greed. And these have bred the characteristics of self-righteousness, egotism and judgementalism.

Daily we draw closer to our ‘Atlas Shrugged’ event!

Be it through war, corruption or by just being idle spectators; a vacuum exists that sucks the goodness from creation. And as it circles the earth, so it speeds up and expands drawing all into its midst!

To bring back the light we must shut the portal that pours its shadows out over the world until once more the depths of humanity’s depravity can be overwhelmed by His light.

Be His light in the wilderness. Shine as you have never shone before.

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#fridayfootprints – Friday 24th June 2022

Seeking Silence!

A silence where I can hear the sound of a butterfly’s wings as it flitters through the flowers and leaves of pages filled with His word in the gardens of creation.

A silence where His whispers are as soft as butterfly kisses and the Holy Spirit’s breath envelopes me in a world where only He and I exist.

 A place where I can alight and sup as each word is revealed in heavenly colour.

And His nectar is the glorious salvation that courses through the veins of my wings and gives flight to my delicate soul.

Such is the silence I seek, that I may be immersed by waves of His breath, washed clean by His Grace and filled with the power of the Holy Spirit.

Speak softly Lord, so that I may come closer still!

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#fridayfootprints – Friday 17th June 2022

Will you hear the trumpet call?

Do we see the faces of the desperate and the dying? Do we feel the pain and the sorrow of those too weak to carry on? Do we hear the cries of those who have lost all hope in humanity? As we look upon the world are we sickened by what we see?

Do we feel the nails of the cross on which He died?

All of these are the sounds of the trumpet’s call. A time to gather on the plains beneath the foothills of heaven. A time to rise and gird ourselves with the weapons of love, charity, and forgiveness. 

The call to arms is not a call to weaponize so that we can revenge any perceived indignation. This is a call to arm ourselves with arms.

Arms that encompass and enfold! Arms that bring hope as they gently comfort those around us. Arms that seek to include rather than shun and arms that are open in welcoming gestures for those that seek a place of refuge. Arms that seek to protect nature as the foundation of the creation of which we are part.

Will you join the trumpet ensemble for a whisper of peace to be blown into the soul of humanity?

May His peace prevail!

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#fridayfootprints – Friday 10th June

It takes a multitude of tongues to cry out from creation’s church with words of gold before the gospel can penetrate the ramparts of the world.

Even so, it seems not to reach into the depths of the soul of humanity when war, greed, power and ego prevail and the common man bears the brunt of these excesses.

As thousands go homeless and hungry, and many more are sacrificed on fields of darkness, then the number of tongues are not yet enough, nor the arms raised in praise of His name, sufficient in number.

When our knees are worn out in prayer, then it must be time to rise and stand on His battlefield where our weapons are His words. They are an arsenal of peace, grace, comfort and healing.

And the whispers that trail in the missile plumes of faith have the power to blast the Holy Spirit into the most defended turrets.

He will prevail. Worship Him in tongues of golden praise!

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#fridayfootprints – Friday 3rs June 2022

There is a light in the anointed soul.

Our faith and belief are an acknowledgment that even in the darkest of times there will be a luminescence that will shine through.

When the world is in need of light, know that without a shadow of a doubt you can be that light.

The comforting presence of Christ within us is a glow in our humanity.

This light shines best in the darkness, for that is a reason why it has been given. It carries the whispers of His words as dewdrops of baptismal water for those that are lost and in need.

To celebrate Pentecost, we need to venture out into the darkness where our light can be a beacon for those that seek more than the desolation that ego, power and greed have brought to the world.

Welcome the torch that will ignite the light within you, open yourself to the anointing of the Holy Spirit and shine!

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#fridayfootprints – Friday 27th May 2022

We lift our eyes to Heaven, yet we are still surrounded by the essence of Him

As the air moves, He is there. In the darkness, He is the guiding star, in the storm, He anoints the waters with His oil ‘till all is still.

The Risen Lord that has been with us over Eastertide assured us of His purpose, but now His physical presence has left us.

The whisper that remains is to wait.

And in obedient supplication, we abide in the room of His creation. To drink from His chalice, and to eat of His heavenly bread, to bow down in prayer and to worship in ecstasy that we may soon be blessed by His promise.

In anxious anticipation, we wait.

Lord, be with us in this pregnant pause of our journey as we wait on the baptism in Him who comes that will be our garment of His power to wear on the paths in the wilderness you have chosen for us.

In faithfulness, we wait to rise and be with You and You in us!

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#fridayfootprints – Friday 20th May 2022

Ever so slowly the oyster-like lid lifts from the cone to expose tiny pearls of pollen puffs.

I am the bread of life!

The cone that has stood proud and tall has almost disguised the real purpose of its existence. Until such time as the pollen is exposed, our superficial view belies the fact that a miracle dwells within.

Eastertide is the falling away of the scales, the opening of the oyster to confirm beyond doubt the reality of a Risen Christ.

And here in the wilderness, a whisper sweeps through the forest of His creation, that life exists and that a life with Him is there for those who lift the lid to reveal His presence. Such is the confirmation of eternity that a plant from the beginning of time is our Eden and the garden is a chance to live a life with Him infused in our daily tasks.

Far beyond prayer and worship, the exposure of the pollen from the cones of our faith is the commission we have each been called to fulfil.

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#fridayfootprints – Friday 12th May 2022

Worlds within worlds revolve in orbits through the earthly firmaments of God’s creation.

Glistening with morning dew a seeing eye is drawn in to examine the miniatures of His work that are presented to us daily as a reminder of the miracle of His presence.

And as with the appearance of the Risen Christ, we are made aware time and time again of our purpose and of the testimony we are called upon to espouse. We exist as mini worlds revolving in the realm of His making.

Each world comprises the different segments of who and what we are and how we relate to the world around us. Through the progression of Eastertide, the whispers that settle softly with each dewdrop, build our individual worlds into a being ready to receive the Holy Spirit.

Then, as each segment ripens and opens, the world is exposed to the view of the Triunal Deity that lives within and through us. Throughout society, our worlds gather in the fellowship of a galaxy of Christendom, and the Holy Spirit prepares us for the task of His Great Commission.

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#fridayfootprints – Friday 6th May 2022

We live in a world; distraught and suffering unbearable pain. We are confronted daily with the posturing of the power-hungry in the mirrors of their own making.

Is the Risen Lord a dream, or a justifiable reality?

Which view of our faith is visible? The view we see in the mirror, or the view God sees as we admire our own reflection.

When the sheep queue up to be fed, what is the fodder spread before them? Their reality is that they need to eat in order to dream. Yet their dream is destroyed by the act of feasting on the fake news and deceit that exist in the realm between us and our reflection. And so, a cycle of self-destruction is perpetuated on the whim of the worldly idols we have created.

There has been the need to decipher the truth of a living Christ in the midst of the same lie told since the beginning of time. Eastertide is a time of re-affirmation of His presence! He is to be found in any wilderness where the whisper of His love prevails against the howling storms of the world. Where dreams aren’t hindered by reality. Instead, Reality is inspired by dreams where word and deed are born out of His love and peace.

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#fridayfootprints – Friday 29tth April 2022

We have one journey to travel and our perspective of the world that we see is clouded by the valleys, hills, twists and turns that we take along the way.

This is the view that we take in from afar. The horizon lies in temptation with every hill that we climb is the thought that this is the last only to see it is only a hill that obscures another hill further in the distance.

The road is there not to see how far we can or how fast we can travel. There is no record of the number of steps or their pace. The purpose of our journey is to have an influence on everything we pass along the way. And for this, we need to:

Hear His whispers in the softest strum of a spider’s legs on her web of intrigue.

See the tsunami of a baptism every time a dragonfly’s tail touches the water.

Read His word disguised in the rune-like letters hidden on the smallest of petals.

Feel the hammer blow of a kiss as one grain of His pollen anoints our cheek.

Our journey is a discovery of the Trinity and the spiritual connection that binds us together. The invisible thread that connects our realm to His is only visible when we focus on what He has created around us and in us. A journey along the road that is our ‘Eastertide’. A time of reinforcing, affirmation, and confirmation. Without it, our gospel cannot be written.

In the wilderness of our souls, seek His whispers, there in plain sight for all to see.

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#fridayfootprints – Friday 22nd April 2022

Dejected soles with scuppered dreams

Their weary tread

And mourning souls

And tears enough to fill a stream!

No sooner has one journey ended than another begins. A road of affirmation and confirmation is bound into our encounters with the Risen Lord.

Yet we are reminded of just how shallow our knowledge and grasp of the miracle of God is.

To have been present on that Emmaus road.

To have spent so much time learning the scriptures and to have witnessed and heard about the life and times of Jesus, but not to fully understand Him. To listen as He explains the scriptures and still not to see His presence; until finally, in one fleeting moment:

…. “He took bread, gave thanks, broke it and began to give it to them. Then their eyes were opened and they recognized Him.” (Luke 24: 30-3)

When we look at a world torn and bleeding and we cry a desperate scream. If there is only a dark hole in our lives no matter how much we read the scriptures, then we must be drawn to the realisation that He needs to be revealed to us and in us.

“He opened their minds” (Luke 24:45) is the only answer for all of Heaven to be opened before us and for His whispers to engulf our very being.

And so we begin another journey on our Emmaus Road, Open our eyes Lord through the anointing of the Holy Spirit that we may completely fulfil your purpose for us.

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#fridayfootprints – Friday 15th April 2022

There is a beat impregnated into the African soil and a rhythm that flows in the shimmering heat seen in waves off sun-baked hills, boulder-strewn on God’s playground rink.

There is a song of the soul in the singing sands of the Kalahari that echoes in the footsteps, traced from the beginning of man.

In a journey out of Eden, each year we return to the desert of our sins. A lifelong Lenten review of our role in humanity and our fellowship with the Lord. Here, we endeavour to reconnect with our soul sounds through His whispers played out in the haunting chords stroked by creation’s orchestra under the baton of the Holy Spirit as they line the road of our journey up the hill to the final sacrifice of our ego in accordance with our faith.

The sounds of creation are immersed in our view of love and the soft, comforting heartbeats of this emotion. And yet love belies the unspeakable pain, suffering and heartache that accompanies it wherever it goes. The greater the love, the deeper the pain that mirrors its existence. And the beat that we hear becomes the sound of the hammer blows of love driving in nails on the wooden cross of the Son of Man as a crucifixion of our sin.

Lord may the echoes of your cry reverberate through the hallways of our communion that leads us to selflessness as we live out our lives as written for us on the pages of your Word.

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#fridayfootprints – Friday 8th April 2022

Every Lenten Road has its Jerusalem entry.

A time of preparation to face the sacrifice of selflessness that we are all called to as Christians and a chance to place ourselves under the spotlight of Christ’s example.

From the desert floor to the upper rooms within our souls we reflect on the birth pains we experience individually and collectively, knowing that with each lent that passes we should be another step closer to the fulfilment of our relationship with the Trinity.

The sense of resigned calm that His Grace causes to descend on us, is the soul’s serenity that we require to complete our journey of Lenten faith.

The rustle of palm leaves is His whisper of strength and resolve for us to see it through to the end so that all nations will hear His Word and feel His Peace.

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#fridayfootprints – Friday 1st April 2022

Through yellow rays of whispered cries, we see visions of war-shattered lives and a devastated landscape.

As thousands walk across frozen ground seeking solace from the deafening weapons of warmongers, they leave behind a land ravaged by human wrath.

Our Lent will forever be etched into history. Will it be for the death and destruction or instead for a humanity that stands together? As we each take our walk through the desert of our moral existence will faith and hope prevail? If the events of the world today are a barometer of the depths of our depravity, we cannot but be overwhelmed by the extent of the Grace with which God forgives our sins through His Son.

As we pray for peace, let us praise God that there are still people, who, having lost all, still have Hope. Still have the vestiges of love locked in their hearts and a will to go on, to rebuild and perhaps to forgive!

Lord, these are the scattered petals that will one day return to the blossom to which they belong, and the yellow rays will be the rays of hope for the heroes of generations still to come.

And for the fallen …

Petals that make no sound

They lie still:

Bless their Hallowed ground!

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#fridayfootprints – Friday 25th March 2022

The waters of our baptism are the echoes of the cross of our salvation.

Our Lenten wilderness is a journey towards a Triunal Fellowship. The purity of His presence in our daily tussle between temptation and sacrifice plays an overriding role wherever we walk along the desert floor.

Whenever we delve deeper than the surface of ourselves, He is there.

The commitments made at baptism elicit a response in self-sacrifice. The two go hand-in-hand, albeit as the droplets evaporate over time and the sacrifice becomes clouded with worldly affairs. Through meditation, we seek to open our souls to the finest nuances of His whispers. It is then, in our soul-silence that His peace descends upon us filling us with an indescribable joy capable of dispelling any doubts as to where our sacrifice should begin!

We strive for holiness, Lord. Be patient with your children. Amen.

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#fridayfootprints – Friday 18th March 2022

A mere glance in the mirror is never enough to discover who is in the reflection looking back.  To tell the tale that only the heart of the beholder understands, we must look deeper than the surface glow.

Is the slowly fading image that of ‘self’, as it slowly degenerates, allowing the view of His Holiness to shine through? Or is it the reverse? Where it is the Holy Spirit that slowly dissipates from our being, whilst ego and self-interest shine out.

From the beginning of creation, we have been called to make a ‘Soul-sacrifice’ to Him!

Lent is our journey to reflect on this gift to God of the most precious thing we own. Once we have laid our Soul on the altar of the Lord all the elements of our purpose here on earth come into clear focus.

Every prayer uttered for His guidance, strength and grace is made possible through the whisper from His wilderness that requires a selfless sacrifice. Nothing more … yet nothing less! Every drop of the water from our baptism is there to soothe the pain of our wilderness walk.

But walk it we must!

Every denial of temptation must inevitably be made for our soul-sacrifice to be what we want it to be. Lent cannot exist without it.

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#fridayfootprints – Friday 11th March 2022

We each have our own wilderness.

These are our own footsteps that stumble over the rock-strewn floor of our belief, and we all feel the blast of the desert sands that erodes away at the fabric of our faith.

Each pitfall is just another cubicle of sin in the vessel of our lives that needs to be exposed and laid bare. Such is the purpose of Lent!

When our silent hidden thoughts are louder than the hymns sung by choirs of angels, we should assess the scale of our own sacrifice and what is expected of us. Prompted by the Holy Spirit, we dwell on the sins of the world that entangle our psyche into a war within ourselves – a battle for the salvation of the cross to triumph over our earthly existence.

Our desert temptation is a lifelong struggle where we get a chance to review the depth of the Lenten sacrifice and the whispers of His Word lend strength to our frail heart, yellowed in trepidation!

We beseech you, Lord; braven our hearts and bring us safely through our wilderness with a deeper understanding of a life lived for You. Amen!

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#fridayfootprints – Friday 4th March 2022

And so, we begin our journey through the wilderness of our existence. Footsteps over the terrain of our faith and belief system and what it asks of us!

Our Lenten path is soaked in the blood of the ultimate sacrifice. The stepping stones of our carefully trodden steps cannot avoid traversing the blood He shed for us if we are indeed to be His followers.

The question we must ask is: What is the colour of our blood?

What is the ultimate sacrifice we are prepared to make?

This goes way beyond chocolates!

We are asked to give up ‘ourselves’. Our ego! As ultimately it is our ego that is the ‘riches’ we must sacrifice. Every whisper, every answered prayer comes down to this truth. We must live for Him, with Him in us and through us.

Each Lent should be one footstep closer in this direction, one more element of what we are prepared to sacrifice to let The Living Christ shine through us.

“It is no longer I who live, but Christ who lives in me” (Gal 2:20) becomes the clarion call of Lent.

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#fridayfootprints – Friday 25th February 2022

Through the firmaments of Heaven, angel wings lie trembling in anticipation, waiting for that one breath of God that sends them off on a new task.

His whispers, His words are the pollen of our Christian journey. They are the spores of a faith-driven purpose to be scattered by the pollinators of humanity.

Imagine a world where we have a storehouse of Christian pollen. An existence where the focus is on being bearers of ‘Good News’ pollen and our behaviour luring the pollen feeders in.

As we disperse in the gardens of creation a new purpose is revealed – to be stamina driven stamens. To become the tallest blossoms in our wilderness standing as lighthouses of irresistibility to all concerned.

Imagine if our purpose was to be land-based angels ready for each breath of God. Ready to be the answer to a prayer to any need sent our way.

Let us blossom for His glory and allow testimony to Him to become the pollen-laden example the world cries out for.

We are holders of His whispers, let us set them free to the world that they may fly on angel wings!

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#fridayfootprints – Friday 18th February 2022

“… fed with the bread of tears.” (Psalm 80:5)

How often do we feel this way? When life just doesn’t seem to give us any breaks. When pain and suffering dominate every waking moment. When our cry is: ‘Why me O Lord?’ and we feel abandoned. Lost.

Our comfort is not in Him – it is Him in us.

When we cry out to Him, it is from our ‘tear room’; a place where we feed ourselves the bread of our own tragedies.

As much as this is an internal process, so is the plea to God an external cry. A call directed outside of ourselves. Yet, through the power of the Holy Spirit, we are indwelt by God. His whispers that are heard in the wilderness that exists inside us, come from within us.

If we make our tears visible, we allow Christian fellowship through the guidance of the Holy Spirit to guide our comfort and support. But we must make it visible!  Otherwise, we manifest a storm of our own making and keep our tragedy shackled to our existence. By shifting the focus to the Spirit inside us we can ignore the storm and concentrate on the support system that the Spirit provides.

Let the bread of tears become a feast of compassion in communion with Christians.

Trust in Him inside you and reveal yourself to the world. His whispers are the truth of our existence.

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#fridayfootprints – Friday 11th February 2022

To find His light we must search for the light within us.

Finding the light switch is the process of discovering that the light inside us in indeed His light and it was never switched off. We live in stages where we allow the light to be shaded, sometimes partially, and at others, almost completely.

But it remains His light!

It is our light, given to us from the beginning of creation. Breathed into us as a whisper of God’s love. A light that pleads to shine. A light whose brightness brings unspeakable joy that permeates every cell of our being and reflects onto those in our company.

Finding the light switch is more about finding the dimmer control to see how high we can turn it. Sometimes it is in quiet reflection, or perhaps in praise and worship, or just the sights and sounds of creation. Each and all accompanied by the Fellowship of the Holy Spirit!

Let my light shine, Lord!

Gen 1:3 and 4:7

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#fridayfootprints – Friday 4th February 2022

Like classic wine, fine dining, and special friends; a relationship with God needs to be savoured … slowly!

Sip for sip, morsel for morsel.

The value derived from such a fellowship, is a dissection of the spiritual nuances that we gather along life’s journey through the wilderness.

It is the company we keep on this journey and the depth of our relationship that makes our soul sing the notes of His whispers.

To have the Lord as a guest at the table of your existence is to feel a spiritual calmness mixed with unspeakable joy. To invite Him is an acknowledgement that He is there to be served, to be waited on hand and foot and to linger on His every spoken word.

God is more than the person seated at the head of the table for your last supper. In His Triunal form He is also your recipe book for an intimate table for two, and He is the flicker of the candle’s flame at the solitary meal during times of heartache. He is the whisper in our wilderness.

Dine with Him, eat and drink of His Word. Communion with Him is a fellowship of the Spirit! Amen.

How good it is when God’s people live together in unity. Ps 133:1

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#fridayfootprints – Friday 28th January 2022

With arms raised high we praise Him! Is there any other action more fitting?

With our hands upheld and palms outstretched we are able to reveal the true content of our heart.

If we are to carry His love with us on our journey, if we are to free the burden of sin on our laden soul, then we must stand tall with heads held high and praise Him. To walk amongst the echoes of creation is to feel a praise song build within our soul ‘till it bursts forth in glorious rapture through every cell of our being.

We can talk to the Lord at any time, share our deepest hurts and fears, but the triumph over this is to stand before Him in surrender and acknowledge Him for His mercy and grace. This is our ultimate sacrifice, that in spite of our own needs and desires; we place Him first on the throne and worship Him alone.

To bring glory to His name is to open ourselves to the world. Then, like hungry bees in creation’s garden, nations will flock to the whisper of His word.

Nations must rise to glorify Him, but it is the people in those nations that must lift Him up for all to see!

O praise the lord all you nations. Ps 117.1

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#fridayfootprints – Friday 21st January 2022

It has been a long storm!

And it is a storm that promises to be longer still.

The refuge and solace we find in in bird song, flowers, earthly smells and floral fragrances are all combined into a consecrated security blanket designed from the beginning of creation as the panacea of all spiritual ills.

To see His hand evident in it all, is to know that our refuge from the storm is in Him. It is His whispers through the sights and sounds of creation that provide the wings of shelter for our soul where we can rest and renew our strength.

From here, during the brief lulls in the deluge of destruction, we can call out our Praises and awaken the dawn from the darkness. From beneath the shadows of His wings, we can find wings of our own and with words from His wilderness, sing praises to Him among the nations!

“Awake my soul … That I may awaken the dawn.” Psalm 57

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#fridayfootprints – Friday 14th January 2022

Whilst each encounter with our Saviour is a very personal journey – it is not a selfish journey. It is a journey which needs to be shared.

Each whisper we hear needs to be an echo through the hallways of our daily lives.

To open ourselves up to the vulnerability of such a relationship requires the simplest of acts, yet it is an action that so many people find so difficult to do.

To open our hearts; the ear of our soul, we need to expose it to the Lord by opening our arms out wide, and then wider still and receive Him. Beseech Him, “Holy Spirit, here I am … Fill me!” Praise Him! With arms outstretched and raised high to the heavens, ‘till the angels hear your plea bouncing through the Kingdom of heaven.

To open ourselves to Him, we have to open ourselves.

Only we can perform this offering. Open your arms, lift them higher, feel Him course through your veins. Know with every heartbeat you are His! To Have this intimacy with Christ is a love affair of the soul where He is in complete control.

Lord I am yours! “Save me for I am yours.” Ps 119: 94


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#fridayfootprints – Friday 7th January 2022

Any gaze into creation is an opportunity to see the reflection of our soul.

What we see in that reflection is our ‘state of heart’. No matter where we look, we will see the same reflection. This will become the spiritual needle of our ‘soul gauge’.

The more positives we see in ourselves will be reflected in the positives we recognize in the world around us. And the process to start our year on a full tank of positiveness lies in the depth of our relationship nurtured through fellowship with God.

The more we open to hearing His whispers in the wilderness of our soul, the more we will come to see the world through eyes opened to creation in praise and worship. In our time spent focused on Him we open ourselves to the possibility of being the best version of what we can be.

May the year ahead be a time where we find ourselves more frequently in close fellowship with Him, that His Spirit may guide our journey through the days, weeks and months ahead. May our eyes become a true window of a soul reflecting His saving grace for all who come face to face with us. We are His creation and this is our opportunity to reflect Him!

“Then my soul will rejoice in the Lord and delight in His salvation.” (Ps 35:9)

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